Non-Student Visitors


Sponsored Affiliates

Examples may include: Volunteer Coaches and Visiting Faculty, Researchers, Scientists and Interns.

If a visiting person's affiliation with Dartmouth College is defined as sponsored, they are not automatically eligible for an ID card. (Affiliation can be identified using the Dartmouth College directory lookup. Sponsored individuals will show as "Affl: SPON".)

Sponsored accounts are not automatically provisioned for access/ID cards. The sponsoring department will need to request an access ID card account. 

To request access for a visitor’s purpose on campus:
The supervising department for the new visiting person must submit a work order through Facilities Operations and Management (FO&M).  Contact Work Control for guidance.


The supervising department for the new contractor/vendor must create a work order through Facilities Operations and Management (FO&M) for the creation of an ID card account.

After the work order has been completed, a vendor ID card account should be available. Then the contractor/vendor can visit the Dartmouth Card Office to obtain their ID card. Door access can be prepared by the departments responsible at any point after the ID account has been created. Please note: vendor ID cards are only for building access.

All individuals seeking to obtain a new ID card must show proof of identity. A valid form of photo-ID, such as a passport or state-ID/Driver's License, must be presented. After the ID photo is taken and logged to the system, reprinted ID cards do not require this verification.

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