Travel Safety

Before traveling, Dartmouth Travelers must determine if a location they are traveling to requires a "Travel Exception". Participating in Dartmouth Travel without an approved Travel Exception when one is required is prohibited; expenses for such travel will not be covered by Dartmouth according to the Travel Safety Policy.

The Global Dartmouth Travel Registry ("Travel Registry") is used to assist in identifying the needs of Dartmouth Travelers in the event of an emergency. Registration in the Travel Registry is required for all Dartmouth Travelers traveling to international locations.

For more information go to Global Dartmouth's Travel Safety Policy and Resources

Booking Travel

Concur Travel Leaders Program

Travel Leaders is our contracted vendor, however, you may choose to book your own travel or work with a different agency. Travel Leaders has dedicated agents that are assigned to Dartmouth to provide a high level of service. Travel Leaders also provides an online booking tool for domestic and international travel arrangements that do not require agent assistance.

Contact Information

Travel Portal

To Login For The First Time

  • Go to:
  • Click the "Forgot your Password?" link
  • On the next screen, enter your User Name (your
  • Select: "send me an email to reset my password." Complete this page and submit.
  • An email will be delivered with a link to reset / create your unique password. Once you create the new password you will be directed to the Concur site.

To Book Travel or View Your Profile

  • Go to:
  • Enter your Username ( and the unique password created.
  • Browse travel options and follow prompts to book.
  • Before booking travel online or with an agent, go to the Profile link on the top left side of the page and review ALL areas of the profile. SAVE once if new information is added to the profile pages.
  • A recorded training session is posted on the Concur Company Notes page. Contact the TLC eCommerce team for all navigational and technical assistance with online booking.

Group Booking

Use the Travel Group Booking Form when requesting a quote for group travel from Travel Leaders.

Booking Travel for Non-Dartmouth Employees

You can book travel for someone that does not work at Dartmouth, however, you will not be able to utilize the Concur website to book travel, you will need to call the 800 # and work directly with an agent.

Leisure Travel

Dartmouth employees can contact Travel Leaders agents for booking personal travel. The transaction fees for booking through the agents is $26 per transaction. Fees are only charged when a ticket is purchased.

In addition, Dartmouth employees will be eligible to use Travel Leaders Vacation Club services for access to vacation packages. There are no transaction fees when vacation packages are purchased through this service.

To talk to a Vacation Club agent please call (866) 502-1931 or visit the Vacation Club website.

The online booking tool cannot be used for personal travel.


If you have questions regarding how to navigate through the online system or how to enter your profile please contact Travel Leaders Online Support Team at (866) 502-1926 or or Procurement Services at (603) 646-3878.

Transportation Options & Information

Bus Schedules

Train Schedules

Car Rentals

Sedan Services

  • Dartmouth departments can make arrangements for local car services through Travel Leaders with Manchester Black Car (Amoskeag), with Grace Limo or with Door to Door Driving Services (previously North Country). You must have a credit card on file to reserve car service and charges will be billed directly to that card. Call a Travel Leaders agent at (603) 646-3900 or (800) 284-1647 and provide them with the name of the traveler, dates, pick-up and drop off locations and credit card to be charged. 
  • To book directly with the car service of your choice:


Traveling with Equipment

When traveling with equipment it is recommended that you do not pack a computer or any other type of electronic equipment in your suitcase. The equipment should be with your carryon luggage at the security checkpoint and made available for scanning if so requested. Security may also request that you turn on the equipment.

Keep in mind that technology, data or other items that you may want to bring with you when traveling abroad could be export controlled and you may require a license. For further information on export controls and travel please contact the Research Compliance Office at 603 646 0239.

Resources & Policies

Business Expense Policy

The Business Expense Policies provide specific requirements for Dartmouth College travel and other business expenses.

Accident Insurance

The College’s total travel accident insurance coverage includes a principal benefit of $750,000 per insured person. There is an aggregate coverage of $10,000,000 for thirteen or more people traveling together on related business. Utilizing the JPMorganChase Corporate Card provides an additional $500,000 coverage. If you do not use the College Travel Office or the JPMorganChase Corporate Card when making alternative travel arrangements, you will be waiving the $500,000 additional insurance death benefit. Additional flight insurance individually purchased by employees is not a reimbursable expense.

After Hours Emergency Service

Domestic Travel

In case of an emergency outside of the normal business hours of 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday-Friday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday (EST), contact Travel Leaders Emergency Services at (800) 284-1647.

International Travel

Dartmouth recognizes that in this rapidly changing world, you may have apprehension about travel, security, and health. It is for these reasons that the College has contracted for international travel assistance and evacuation services from a company called International SOS. For additional information, please visit Risk and Internal Controls Services or contact them at (603) 646-2441. There is also a local contact emergency phone number on your itinerary from Travel Leaders.

International SOS Program

Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program (DTAP)

To assist Dartmouth travelers in coping with the risks of travel, Dartmouth has partnered with International SOS to provide travel, medical, and security assistance.

Important considerations or services associated with the program are:

  • Eligible individuals are Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, volunteers, chaperones, and alumni while on Dartmouth business and dependents while traveling with a covered employee.
  • Pre-trip information and consultation on travel health and security issues
  • Medical, dental, and counseling referrals
  • Emergency and routine medical advice
  •  Enhanced emotional support services (pdf)
  • Medical monitoring/case management – fee charged to traveler
  • Dispatch of medication and medical supplies – fee charged to traveler
  • Guarantee of payment to medical providers – fee charged to traveler

NOTE: Direct payment to providers can avoid ISOS fees (minimum charge is $205.00)

  • Emergency personal cash advances – fee charged to traveler
  • Emergency evacuation and security support
  • Medically supervised repatriation
  • ISOS is not a health insurance provider – charges incurred by traveler are traveler's responsibility and will need to be submitted to traveler's health insurer for reimbursement.
  • Travel Restrictions: Restrictions apply to travel to Haiti, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, and Cuba.  Contact RICS or call 603-646-2442 regarding any travel to the noted countries.
  • Dartmouth community members are eligible for discounted personal travel coverage by visiting ISOS membership or calling 1-800-523-8662.

This summary of the Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program does not constitute a promise of benefits.  Please refer to ISOS for a complete description of terms, conditions, limitations, and charges.

Dartmouth employees insured through Dartmouth's Cigna plan are covered under Cigna's Medical Benefits Abroad plan (Cigna MBA). See Cigna International Coverage link below.

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