Enterprise - Dartmouth Rental Program

The Enterprise-Dartmouth Rental Program provides vehicles (sedans, SUVs, and passenger vans) to eligible students, faculty and staff traveling on official Dartmouth business. Examples include team travel to an athletic event or driving coworkers to a job-related conference.


There are a number of requirements that must be fulfilled for students, faculty, and staff to become eligible for the program. 

The first step is to become an Approved Driver via the Driver Safety Program.

Upon successful completion of the Defensive Driving course, the applicant will be considered an Approved Driver, eligible to rent a standard size car or SUV.

Note: If the driver identified in the reservation confirmation statement is not an Approved Driver, the reservation will be cancelled and the driver notified via e-mail.

Making a Reservation

If a vehicle rental is being booked as part of air and/or lodging travel, reservations may be booked through Travel Leaders. Travel Leaders will establish travel profiles which include billing information.   Students in this situation should coordinate with staff or faculty in the sponsoring departments to obtain billing information. 

If booking only a rental vehicle, a driver may make reservations through the Enterprise website directly, and enter a chart string, or a corporate travel card. A link to the Enterprise website is also available on the Enterprise-Dartmouth Rental Program webpage.


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