Two state-wide matching services are available to help people find carpool partners. Since these services are not exclusive to Dartmouth College employees, be aware that potential matches may not have an affiliation with the college, yet share Hanover as a destination.

Carpools formed between two Dartmouth employees enjoy the benefit of split parking costs through payroll deduction, while three or more Dartmouth employees in a carpool park for free! Dartmouth employee carpool rates and policy guidelines apply.

Links to state-wide matching services:

GO VERMONT helps people looking to carpool from Vermont to destinations in and outside of the state.

COMMUTESMART NEW HAMPSHIRE provides carpool matching resources for people in New Hampshire.


Groups of five to twelve faculty and staff who commute long distances may qualify for Dartmouth's vanpool program. Dartmouth has teamed with Enterprise Rideshare to provide and maintain vans for committed participants. The vanpool assigns drivers for the pool and shares fuel costs.

Other resources are available to find a carpool partner through the Vital Communities website.

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