Contractors, Vendors & Service Providers

Private companies and individuals, including contractors, service providers and vendors, who park for business purposes on the Dartmouth campus must apply and pay for parking space access from Transportation Services. Information provided during this process helps Transportation Services ensure that parking permits are issued on a space available basis, through a process that balances the needs of outside companies working on campus, with those of the Dartmouth community.

Transportation Services policy requires any Dartmouth employee who arranges project, vendor or service work on the Dartmouth campus that may require parking, impact available parking spaces or compromise access to parking areas, to first contact Transportation Services before work commences for review and approval. Every contractor on campus must have a permit even if not parked in a lined space. Projects that impact any parking space in a way that makes it unavailable for parking must pay for that space at the permit rate. The Director of Transportation Services has authority over the number of parking permits issued, parking location and access plans. Permits cannot be sold directly to contractors, vendors, or service providers, unless specifically approved by the Director of Transportation Services. 

Large projects are required to provide advance notice, up to three months before projects begin, which affords the proper amount of time needed to plan for and communicate out potential parking disruptions.


  • Core Locations: Daily $10.00; Monthly $50.00
  • Non-core Locations: Daily $5.00; Monthly $25.00 
  • ParkMobile Space: Daily $50; Monthly $250
  • Reserved Space: Daily $50; Monthly $250
  • Vendor Part-time (3 or fewer days a week): Daily $10.00; Part-time annual $250
  • Vendor Full-time (4 or more days a week): Daily $10.00; Full-time annual $500
  • Gate Cards: $15.00

Forms for submission to Transportation Services to request parking permits or an impact to parking spaces can be found on this page. These forms include detailed rate and contact information.

Contractor Parking Zone Map




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