Finance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In Finance, our people are our strength. By reinforcing and further integrating our core principles, and committing to continuous development of our people, processes, and systems, we aim to achieve the following outcomes:

- More empowered and engaged staff.
- Enhanced customer satisfaction levels.
- Improved retention rates of top talent and increased opportunities to recruit a more diverse staff.
- Reduced inefficiencies resulting from disengaged staff and defective processes, services, and systems.

Our Purpose

Dartmouth Finance is dedicated to upholding a culture that prioritizes excellence, service, continuous improvement, and communication. This initiative leverages these positive attributes and foster a commitment to our core principles by all members of the Finance team. These principles are centered on a strong dedication to understand and incorporate vital elements of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in order to improve the experience for our staff as well as the services and processes we offer.

Aligning with Toward Equity

The Finance DEIB Action Plan will align with and support the institutional Toward Equity Strategic Plan through the four areas of priority: Coordination, Structure, Accountability, and Assessment.

  1. Coordination: Finance will be a resource in coordination and cooperation with the IDE division and a partner in the pursuit of aligning institutional priorities and institutional recruitment and retention efforts.
  2. Structure: In support of building systems and structures to improve inclusive and equitable experience for staff, faculty, and students, Finance will continue to develop our team’s understanding of creating a community of belonging and inclusivity. Each member of our community has a responsibility to ensure interactions and decisions are unbiased, fair, equitable, and inclusive and that we are proactively creating a space where everyone feels safe and included.
  3. Accountability: Finance will support all efforts to create clear accountability and reporting systems and will participate and engage in IDE forums designed to discuss diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and the necessary training and education initiatives for leaders and staff. 
  4. Assessment: Finance will have an integral role in supporting and assisting the development of tools for gathering, evaluating, and assessing our policies and procedures that impact the experience for our staff, faculty, and students. 

Call to Action:

Toward Equity emphasizes accountability and communication from institutional leaders, and notes that every member of the Dartmouth community has a role and responsibility to contribute to its success by: 

  • Developing personal goals to contribute to a more inclusive and welcoming environment;
  • Proactively completing training modules, participating in workshops, and attending lectures and programs that center diverse perspectives;
  • Participating in divisional action plan development and implementation and
  • Sharing feedback through institutional surveys.

We can all play a role in moving Dartmouth Toward Equity

Action Plans & Accomplishments

2023 Finance DEIB Action Plan

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