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Student Financial Services administers federal Perkins loans, Dartmouth Educational Loan Corporation (DELC) loans, and Dartmouth institutional loans. The links below allow you to update contact information, download various forms, and provide loan related information.

Loan Types & Terms

Student Loan Forms

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Exit Interviews

Loan Types & Terms

Dartmouth Education Loan Corporation (DELC) Loan


  • Variable interest rate (generally set every July 1st)
  • Interest accrues while in school here at Dartmouth and during a grace period
  • Interest is due while in a deferment


  • Begins three (3) months after student leaves Dartmouth
  • Minimum monthly payment of $50.00
  • Ten (10) years to repay the loan (120 months)

DELC is a separate corporation operated by Dartmouth College for the purpose of granting education loans and scholarships. The corporation complies with all of the Colleges policies related to Business Ethics.

Federal Perkins Loan


  • 5% fixed interest rate
  • Interest will not accrue while in school, during a deferment, or a grace period


  • Begins nine (9) months after student leaves Dartmouth
  • Receives a six (6) month post-grace period after a deferment
  • Minimum monthly payment of $40.00
  • Ten (10) years to repay the loan (120 months)
  • Has cancellation benefits — see your loan note

Institutional Loans


  • 5%, 6%, or 7% fixed interest rate (depends on the type of loan given)
  • Interest will not accrue while in school or during a grace period


  • Begins nine (9) months after student leaves Dartmouth
  • Minimum monthly payment of $30.00
  • Ten (10) years to repay the loan (120 months)

Student Loan Forms

All Loans

Perkins Loans Only

William Hill Loans Only

Other Forms

Payment & Consolidation

All loan payments and/or forms are due on or before the 1st of every month.

Former students have the option to pay loan(s) online through ECSI, Dartmouth's online billing servicer. There is a direct payment (ACH) option, through which ECSI will automatically deduct  payment from your checking or savings account on the 1st. 10th, 15th, and 20th of every month free of charge.

Other payment options include:

  • Instant echeck for a one-time charge of $1.95
  • Wire transfer - contact the Student Loans department
  • Mail a check or money order payable to Heartland-ECSI to

Dartmouth College
C/o Heartland-ECSI
PO Box 718
Wexford, PA 15090

Please write your NetID (aka account number) on the memo portion of your check.

Loan Consolidation

Consolidation is a step that requires serious consideration before embarking. Dartmouth provides no guarantees of any of the services offered nor do we endorse or prefer one over another.

Please visit the Federal Student Aid website for information on loan consolidation. The Institute of Student Loan Advisors also gives a list of lenders.

U.S. News & World Report recently created a guide that breakdowns the different types of student loan consolidation, how they work and what students should know before considering them.

Federal Loan Consolidation

Private Loan Consolidation Companies

Refinance Loans - Federal and Private Loan Consolidation (US Citizens or Permanent Residents only

Exit Interviews

An exit interview is a loan counseling session in which you are advised of your loan repayment schedule, obligations, and rights to deferment and/or cancellation. If you received a loan(s) during your enrollment at Dartmouth College and are no longer enrolled, you are required to complete an exit interview. We are required by the federal government to conduct this exit interview whenever you are no longer enrolled as at least a half-time student.

You will receive an e-mail from ECSI asking you to log-in to your account to complete the exit interview. Please understand that if you do not complete the exit interview a transcript hold will be placed.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Student Loan department.

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