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Required Form Settings

The following settings are needed in Microsoft Excel and Internet Security Properties prior to processing a WebADI or SPUD entry:

If when uploading a WebADI template it simply hangs, this is a sign that these settings have reverted back to the program's default settings. The setting could get reset to the program's default settings from an upgrade to the program or when the computer has been changed and you are using WebADI or SPUD for the first time again.

The following security settings are needed in Microsoft Excel to allow Macros in the WebADI template to function: 

WebADI Journal Entry Template

For General Ledger (Chart String) journal entries:

(Note: this template may download as a ZIP file, if this happens, you will need to download it using the Mozilla Firefox browser.)

For more information about WebADI template set up and use view: 


For SPUD (PTAEO) journal entries:

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