Merchant Credit Card Program

About the Program

Merchant Credit Card accounts are used by College departments to process credit card payments from their customers.

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Merchant Credit Card Summary


Dartmouth College requires all departments that process, store or transmit credit card data remain in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The purpose of the Merchant Credit Card Policy is to protect our customers’ credit card data, to uphold the College’s reputation, to reduce the financial costs associated with a breach of credit card information and to outline best practices for all aspects of credit card transactions.


PCI DSS was established by the credit card industry in response to an increase in identity theft and credit card fraud. Every merchant who handles credit card data is responsible for safeguarding that information and can be held liable for security compromises. This standard has 12 requirements, including controls for handling credit card data, computer and Internet security and an annual self assessment questionnaire.

Entities Affected By This Policy

Any College department that accepts credit card payments and retains sensitive cardholder data in paper or electronic format must comply with the Policy.

Who Should Read This Policy

Anyone that conducts Dartmouth College business and is affiliated with the acceptance of payment cards as a form of payment.

Read the full policy: Dartmouth College Merchant Services Policy (detailed version) .

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