Reporting Employee Injuries

All injuries, no matter how minor, should be documented using the Employee Injury Report.  Completing this report protects the rights of the employee (to ensure prompt receipt of benefits) and Dartmouth (to avoid late reporting assessments).  Although the reporting of the injury is important, the first priority is to make sure the injured employee receives appropriate medical care. 

Reporting Procedures

The following process should be followed to report work-related injuries:

  • Employee should report the injury to their supervisor prior to the end of the shift in which they were injured;
  • Injured employee and supervisor complete their portions of the Employee Injury Report;
  • Answer all questions as fully as possible, especially the ones dealing with medical treatment and time loss;
  • Within 24-hours the report must be emailed to and;
  • Do not delay submitting the report due to missing information;
  • Late reports may result in Dartmouth being assessed a fine up to $2,500 by the State of New Hampshire;
  • Late reporting assessments will be charged to the reporting department;
  • Employee may seek treatment with any provider of their choice. 
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