Builders' Risk

Builders risk insurance is a specialized form of property insurance designed to address the unique risks associated with a project under construction. Typically this insurance is purchased by the owner or the general contractor and is designed to cover the owner, general contractor, some or all subcontractors, and materials suppliers. The coverage applies to such events as fire, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, collapse, flood, fire, windstorm.

Dartmouth College provides very broad Builders Risk insurance as part of its property insurance program. However, there are two very important coverage points to be aware of:

  1. The deductible on the policy is $250,000.
  2. An exclusion for: "loss or damage to the interior portion of buildings under construction from rain, sleet, or snow, whether or not driven by wind, when the installation of the roof, walls and windows of such buildings has not been completed."

Should you have any questions regarding this insurance, please contact the office of Risk Management and Insurance at 603-646-2442.

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