Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

Dartmouth operates on a quarterly schedule. Students normally enroll for three quarters per year. The following rates apply from Summer Term 2020 through Spring Term 2021.

2019-20 Schedule of Charges for all Schools

Tuition 2020-2021 (Fall, Winter, Spring Terms)

Geisel School of Medicine

  • $33,766.00 per term
  • $67,532.00 annual

Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at Dartmouth

  • $19,265.00 per term
  • $57,796.00 annual

Master Health Care Delivery Science 

  • $38,325.00 per term
  • $114,975.00 annual

Masters in Public Health (TDI)

  • $19,158.00 per term
  • $76,362.00 annual

Thayer School of Engineering

  • $19,265.00 per term
  • $57,796.00 annual

Tuck School of Business

  • $25,840.00 per term
  • $77,520.00 annual

Undergraduate College

  • $19,265.00 per term
  • $57,796.00 annual


Health Access Fee

  • $98.00 per term
  • $294.00 annual

International Service Fee

  • $102.00 per term
  • $306.00 annual

Undergraduate Fees

Apartment Rent

  • $3,454.00 per term
  • $10,362.00 annual

Room Rent

  • $3,454.00 per term
  • $10,362.00 annual

Health Insurance

  •  $3,891.00 annual

Student Activity Fee

  • $104.00 per term (Summer Term Undergraduate fee = $20)
  • $312.00 annual

General Student Services Fee

  • $352.00 per term
  • $1,408.00 annual

Class Dues

  • $27.00 per term first term only

Student Record Fee

  • $190.00 first term only

Board Fees - Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms

Dartmouth Dining sets the costs for dining options each academic year. The billing for dining options is processed by DartCard Services. The Student Dining Plan Requirement is upheld for the purpose of billing and processing any submitted change requests, in accordance with the Housing Contract rider agreement.

Spring ’20 – Summer ’20 (affected by COVID-19)

  • Students in residence will be provided with the Residential Dining Plan. The Student Dining Plan Requirement is still in effect.

First-Year Students Matriculating Fall ‘20

  • Dartmouth Dining will update the First-Year dining plan and Orientation Meals cost. The dining option is required for First-Year students matriculating in the fall, as well as new transfer and exchange students. Please refer to Dartmouth Dining for more information.

Fall ’20 – Summer ’21 (Academic Year 2020-2021)

  • Dartmouth Dining will update the dining plan options and pricing available. Please refer to Dartmouth Dining for more information.

Dining plan options and pricing can be found on the Dartmouth Dining website,

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