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Funding Opportunities

Dartmouth College research and other programs rely on a variety of funders including federal agencies, private foundations, state agencies and corporations to support research efforts.  Internal pilot or other funds also play an important role.  Funding opportunities can range in focus from general support for an area of interest to opportunities that are targeted to the stage of the researcher's career.   The resources below are provided to assist in your search for funding opportunities.   If you need assistance, please contact us at sponsored.projects@dartmouth.edu

Once you have identified a funding source of interest, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects Pre-award team who will assist in reviewing the funding announcement, answer questions about proposal components and institutional processes, and submit the proposal to the funder. 

Limited Opportunities

  • Some sponsors limit the number of nominations or proposals.
  • Coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.   
  • Many prestigious scholar and other awards. Notices posted the OSP and CFR websites and news bulletins. 
  • To receive limited notices, email sponsored.projects@dartmouth.edu.
  • Process for limited funding opportunities can be found on the OSP limited site.
  • Current limited opportunities can be found on the limited site.

Dartmouth's Funding Opportunity Database


  • Dartmouth College subscribes to InfoEd SPIN.   
  • InfoEd Global is the premiere provider of software solutions for managing Sponsored programs.  
  • Over 600 academic, medical, and scientific institutions around the world rely on SPIN.
  • SPIN was designed to put InfoEd Global clients front and center—it is the
  • funding data resource for students, post-docs, faculty, academic staff, and other professionals.
  • As a SPIN user, you have access to a comprehensive warehouse of funding opportunities.
  • Learn more about SPIN here, including how to get your own access and profile.

Federal Funding Opportunities




Non Federal Funding Opportunities

Top selected nonfederal funders:






 Postdoctoral Fellowships

 Recurring Prestigious Awards

Graduate Student Opportunities


Early Career Awards


Internal Funding Sources For Dartmouth Faculty

Gift versus Grant Guidance