Preaward & Advance Accounts

Pre-Award Costs

Occasionally, a sponsor will approve funding for a project but are slow in releasing the funds. A more common situation for a Principal Investigator is that expenditures related to hiring project staff or ordering equipment need to be made before the project begins. A Principal Investigator may request that a PTAEO Account be established before the official notification of award has arrived. The Principal Investigator must request Pre-award Costs or fill out an Advance Account Request Form, have the department chair or administrative head sign the form, and submit the form to the OSP Sponsored Research Manager for that department. It is important to note that if funds are not awarded, the Principal Investigator's department or administrative area will be responsible for covering any expenses that are incurred on the account. 

Setting up a PTAEO Advance Account

If an Advance Account Request Form has been received by the Office of Sponsored Projects, a PTAEO Advance Account is set up if we have the following information from the department:

  • Funding Proposal and Budget
  • Human Subjects (IRB/CPHS) Approval (if applicable)
  • Animal (IACUC) Approval (if applicable)
  • If there is a pending IRB or IACUC approval, a PTAEO Advance Account will be set up, however it will be restricted to only being able to spend on NON-IRB or NON-IACUC expenses until the Office of Sponsored Projects has received the IRB or IACUC approval.


Below is the link providing instructions for Department Grant Manager's submitting through RAPPORT an Advance Account Request:

Request Advance Account - DGM initiates

Also see: Advance Account Request Form (PDF)

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