Rate Agreements


F&A Agreement September 09, 2022

Previous Agreements

F&A Agreement with FY22 fringe rates February 10, 2021
F&A Agreement June 23, 2020

Fringe Benefit Rates

The following percentages should be used on budgets accompanying proposals.  

Faculty and Regular Staff:     FY24 35%, FY25 and beyond (projected) 34.5%

Research Associate A:  FY24 and beyond: 9%

Research Associate B:    FY24: 23.5%.  FY25 and beyond:  28%

Research Associate C:    FY24 35%, FY25 and beyond (projected) 34.5%

Temporary:   FY24 and beyond: 9%


  • Research Associate A: Researchers with assignments of less than 9 months or less than half time, qualifying them as temporary employees.
  • Research Associate B: Researchers whose assignments are expected to end within 3 years of their initial hiring or appointment at Dartmouth.
  • Research Associate C: Researchers whose assignments or reappointments are expected to continue beyond 3 years of the date of their initial hiring or appointment at Dartmouth.

Facilities and Administrative Cost Rates

In accordance with our negotiated agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services, the following predetermined rate(s) should be used until further notice. If you have a question about the type of rate to use for a specific project, please contact our office at 603-646-3007 for clarification.

Below are the new rates that will apply to new and competing federal proposals and awards.  Effective 7/1/22, the new rates will also apply to existing federal awards that were originally funded at our previous rates of either 64% (research) or 34.5% (other sponsored):

            Research        Other Sponsored                                      

FY24        63.5%                  32.7%                   

FY25        64.0%                 32.7%                   


  • MTDC = Modified Total Direct Costs: Total direct costs excluding capital expenditures (buildings, individual items of equipment over $5,000, alterations and renovations), that portion of each subaward in excess of $25,000, patient care, rental of off-site activities, tuition remission, scholarships and fellowships.
  • **OFF-CAMPUS DEFINITION: For all activities performed in facilities not owned by the institution and to which rent is directly allocated to the project(s) the off-campus rate will apply. Grants or contracts will not be subject to more than one F&A cost rate. If more than 50% of a project is performed off-campus, the off-campus rate will apply to the entire project.
  • ***The Other Sponsored Programs rate is for activities such as outreach programs, regional medical programs and other types of non-research, non-instructional programs.
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