Industry Sponsor Submissions

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) can answer questions and provide guidance as you prepare the statement of work, budget, export control, forms, agreements, and any other materials required by the company.

Coordinate with Administrative Offices

To facilitate a timely and efficient process around implementing an agreement with an industry sponsor, the PI should engage administrative colleagues at Dartmouth when it appears that an agreement with a company is likely to progress beyond preliminary discussions about collaborative or sponsored work.

The structure of the agreement with the company, including the budget, is highly dependent upon the nature of the research, the involvement of any past, current or future intellectual property and other key considerations that are critical to sustain and grow the Dartmouth researcher's portfolio. Therefore, it is important that the PI, OSP and TTO have the opportunity to discuss the project before engaging the company.

Prior to submitting even a draft budget, review needed resources and costs with the Department Grant Manager (DRA).

Industry agreements should reflect full costs of performing the research. These costs should include Dartmouth's full research facilities and administrative costs rate as well as time for preparation and submission of documentation required for internal approvals (e.g., animals, human subjects, health and safety). Discuss the proposed budget with the DRA and OSP and consider the appropriate payment structure (i.e., fixed price, cost reimbursement). It is recommended to budget for any contingencies and acceptable to contemplate a reserve or residual for industry sponsors.

Email the OSP Contracts Manager and inform them of the project details and discuss using the standard SRA. We strongly encourage use of the Dartmouth standard agreement to streamline the process.

Industry agreements generally involve a negotiation period and the negotiation timeline should be factored into the plan for when the research can commence. OSP and TTO will employ Dartmouth's standard agreements to reduce the timeline as much as possible, but please keep in mind that some sponsors will require use of their agreement which may significantly extend the negotiation period.

For information on research funded by the U.S. federal government, including through the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs, contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Internal Approvals via RAPPORT Grants

Once your proposal package is ready, submit it to the RAPPORT system managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs. This system automatically routes the proposal through all necessary internal approvals, including export control.

Once completed, the OSP Contracts Manager will review the proposal and budget. Our office must receive it at least seven (7) business days before the sponsor's deadline (or at least ten (10) business days in advance for international research).

Next Steps

After reviewing the proposal package, the Contracts Manager will:

  • Submit the proposal to the sponsor
  • Determine the appropriate contractual mechanism in consultation with TTO and the PI**.
  • Send the sponsor a Dartmouth College contract template
  • Followup with Sponsor within 10 days, if no response
  • In consultation with TTO and PI, negotiate the agreement terms and conditions
  • Execute the contract, working with you to:
    • Ensure funds awarded match the proposed budget
    • Verify any special terms or conditions
    • Handle any issues that arise during the contract (e.g., cost sharing, subcontracts)


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