Commonly Used Forms

Proposal Preparation



Dartmouth PHS Form 1 for Subcontractors - This form is to be completed by subrecipient on a proposal that Dartmouth intends to submit for funding from a Public Health Service agency or another sponsor that has adopted PHS Conflict of Interest rules and is not enrolled in the FDP COI Clearinghouse.

Dartmouth PHS Form 2 for Non-Dartmouth Key Personnel - This form should be used by individuals who are responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of a research project for which PHS funding is being proposed but who are not members of the Dartmouth/Dartmouth-Hitchcock community or part of a proposed subaward. 

External Multiple PI Assurance Form-This form is for non- Dartmouth PD/PIs on NIH applications that are proposing a Multiple Principal Investigator model.

Letter of Commitment Forms -These forms are used when Dartmouth will be a subaward on a lead institution proposal.


Award & Financial Management


Advance Account Request Form- Used when a sponsor allows for pre-award costs, generally 90 day pre-award costs or when the sponsor is late in sending us a Notice of Award. Once the form has been processed, OSP sets up a PTA Advance Account and emails it to the department grant manager.

Budget Template-This template is used to assign expenditure types to awarded budget categories on sponsored project awards.

Cost Transfer Calculation -This calculates the number of days since a transaction posted to help determine if a cost transfer transaction is within 90 days of the original transaction posting date.

Equipment Transfer Request Form – This form is used when a piece of capital equipment is being transferred to another department or another institution which requires prior approvals before being processed by the Fixed Asset/Surplus Property Administrator who works in Procurement services.

In-Kind Contribution Form -This form is used to document when an individual is donating their time on a sponsored project awards.

Salary Billing Agreement – This form is used between Dartmouth College and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic in situations where an individual, typically a student is performing work at the site of the other institution who is the grantee.






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