Subawards & Subrecipient Monitoring

A Subaward is an award issued under a larger sponsored projects award for the procurement of specific services or program-related tasks. Issuance of a Subaward under a federal prime award is subject to compliance with federal law. All Subawards are subject to the terms and conditions of the larger sponsored projects award and the normal purchasing requirements of Dartmouth College.

Subaward Types

When Dartmouth College is the Recipient

This agreement ties Dartmouth College to a larger proposal submitted by another institution or group of institutions. The prime award is made to another institution or group of institutions, then a portion of it is distributed to Dartmouth College to complete specific tasks as part of the larger proposal. When Dartmouth College is part of a larger project, the management of funds is treated as a 'stand alone' project, for financial management purposes. While the Principal Investigator and OSP may have specific technical and financial reports to submit to the larger project, internally the project is viewed financially as an independent project. Facilities and Administration Cost rates are calculated on the percentage negotiated between Dartmouth College and the Federal government, not the hosting institution's rate.

After an award has been made to Dartmouth College, it may become necessary to issue a Subaward that was not stated in the originally funded proposal. The Principal Investigator must prepare a letter to the sponsor that addresses the reasons for selecting a particular Subaward to complete the work. The letter must be signed by both the Principal Investigator and an authorized official in OSP before submitting to the sponsor for their approval.

When Dartmouth College is the Grantor

Work to be completed under the auspices of a Dartmouth College sponsored projects award is contracted out to a third party. Dartmouth College awards a portion of a sponsored projects award to a third party. Usually, this third party is brought into the project because resources or skills for completing specific tasks are not readily available at the College. The intended use of the third party will be articulated in the approved proposal. All questions concerning Subawards should be referred to the Sponsored Research Manager. Once the proposal is awarded, Department Grant Managers and Sponsored Research Managers will coordinate preparing a Subaward agreement. The Subaward agreement will reflect the specifics of the proposal (budget, work plan, etc.), the appropriate sponsor's terms and conditions and the policies and procedures of Dartmouth College. Since Subaward agreements are written to assign a portion of the programmatic effort to another organization, they are responsible for managing the technical and administrative aspects of their agreement.

Process for Issuing Subawards



Subrecipient Monitoring

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