Salary Billing Agreements


Sponsored Research Billing agreements between Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Hitchcock are utilized in certain specific cases where an individual is performing work at the site of the other institution who is grantee. 

Billing agreements are for the reimbursement of salary and fringe to the individual’s paymaster/ employer institution. 

F&A is not recoverable as facilities costs are not incurred. 

Prime Awardee is responsible for collection of Conflict of Interest assurances for individuals paid under a billing agreement who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of the research. 

Use of salary billing arrangements generally must meet all of the criteria below and will be subject to the review and approval of both party’s institutional officials and finance offices: 

  • Individual is employed by, on the payroll of, and receives their salary from the non-grantee institution. 
  • Research, or performance of an ongoing role on a project will be conducted in the space of the institution where the grant is awarded. (Note that space in the Geisel School of Medicine can be re- assigned as warranted to reflect changes in occupancy). 
  • Reimbursement from the grantee institution for direct costs of salary and fringe benefits is requested by the non-grantee institution incurring the actual cost. If reimbursement of non-personnel expenses are required, a formal subcontract arrangement is necessary. 


  • Proposal budgets clearly identify individuals for whom a salary billing is requested. 
  • Confirmation and approval by OSP and School Fiscal Office, at the time of proposal, that the salary billing mechanism is appropriate. If this step is omitted, and in subsequent review a subcontract is deemed appropriate, F&A costs will not be waived. 
  • The project work is performed at the grantee institution only, and not at the institution paying the individual’s salary. 
  • At the time of award/project initiation, a salary billing agreement representing the financial commitment and arrangements will be initiated by the department managing the award/funds by completing the form and submitting to appropriate sponsored projects office: 
  • OSP will review form, with input from Fiscal Officers as needed. 
  • If approved Sponsored Project Office will process and execute agreement, establish necessary accounting for purposes of charging agreed upon costs and manage billing to the other entity. 

Salary Billing Agreement (PDF)
Salary Billing Agreement Example (PDF)
Salary Billing Agreement Instructions (PDF)

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