Non-Federal Limited Deadlines

Below is a list of upcoming programs with proposal submission restrictions. Please make sure to check each individual opportunity announcement for eligibility, specific deadline and submission information. This is not a comprehensive list of all limited submission proposals, and while this page will be updated regularly, it should be used in conjunction with other grant information resources available from individual funding agency websites. *Important: If a program has a limited submission requirement and you do not see it on the list below, please notify and follow the procedure outlined here.

Sloan Research Fellowships

  • For early-career scientists and scholars in these or related fields: chemistry, computer science, Earth system science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, physics 
  • Each department may nominate up to three candidates.
  • Foundation: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Internal Deadline: 07/19/21
  • External Deadline: 09/15/21

Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics

  • Career development award for innovative bioethics research by junior faculty. Priority for applicants who have not yet been considered for tenure; who have not received a comparable career development award; and whose work will have an impact on public policy, biomedical research, or clinical practice. Fifty percent of salary plus benefits for three years, up to the NIH salary cap, with 10 percent institutional costs for the salary and benefits. $5,000 per year for project support and travel. September 20 deadline is for a letter of intent.
  • Dartmouth may submit one application.
  • Foundation: Greenwall Foundation
  • Amount: not specified
  • Internal Deadline:  08/02/21
  • External Deadline:  09/20/21

Medical Research

  • For innovative medical research proposals in both basic biological and applied research that will have the greatest impact on scientific knowledge and human health. Two annual deadlines: March 31 and September 30. Last year's awards ranged from $400,000 to $3,000,000.
  • Dartmouth may submit one application.
  • Foundation: Robert J. Kleberg Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation
  • Amount: $3,000,000
  • Internal Deadline:  08/02/21
  • External Deadline:  09/30/21

Searle Scholars Program

  • For independent researchers in biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and related areas in chemistry, medicine, and the biological sciences. Both clinical and basic research. Applicants should have begun their appointment as an independent investigator at the assistant professor level on or after July 1, 2020. The appointment must be their first tenure-track position (or its nearest equivalent).
  • Dartmouth may nominate one candidate.
  • Foundation: Kinship Foundation
  • Amount: $300,000
  • Internal Deadline:  08/02/21
  • External Deadline:  09/30/21

Google Ph.D. Fellowship

  • For Ph.D. students in computer science and related fields. Areas of interest:
    - Algorithms, Optimizations and Markets
    - Computational Neuroscience
    - Health Research
    - Human-Computer Interaction
    - Machine Learning
    - Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision
    - Mobile Computing
    - Natural Language Processing (including Information Retrieval and Extraction)
    - Privacy and Security
    - Programming Languages and Software Engineering
    - Quantum Computing
    - Structured Data and Database Management
    - Systems and Networking
  • Dartmouth may nominate two students without restriction and up to two more who identify as woman, Black/African descent, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, and/or person with a disability. 
  • Foundation: Google
  • Amount: not specified
  • Internal Deadline:  08/02/21
  • External Deadline:  09/30/21

WiSTEM2D Scholars Program

  • For untenured female assistant professors working in these fields with these minimum degrees: 
    - Science; M.D., Ph.D.
    - Technology; Ph.D.
    - Engineering; Ph.D.
    - Math; M.S., Ph.D.
    - Manufacturing; Ph.D.
    - Design; M.A., M.S., MDes, MArch, MFA, MLA, Ph.D.
  • Funder:  Johnson & Johnson
  • Dartmouth may submit one application in each of the six fields
  • Amount: $150,000
  • Internal Deadline:  09/08/21
  • External Deadline:  09/27/21


Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study

  • Up to three years of dissertation research support for Ph.D. students from under-represented groups who are working in the biomedical or life sciences, or on biological questions in related disciplines. 
  • Adviser will be the primary applicant. Student-adviser pairs must be committed to the advancement of diversity and inclusion in science. Includes adviser funding to address challenges to diversity and inclusion at the graduate level. Alumni of HHMI’s Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP) are also eligible, and do not count against Dartmouth’s nomination limit. 
  • Foundation:Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Amount: $159,000
  • Internal Deadline:  09/08/21
  • External Deadline:  12/09/21




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