InfoEd Global is the premiere provider of software solutions for managing Sponsored programs. Over 600 academic, medical, and scientific institutions around the world rely on us to support and enhance their grant and contract efforts. SPIN was designed to put InfoEd Global clients front and center—it is the funding data resource for students, post-docs, faculty, academic staff, and other professionals. As a SPIN user, you have access to a comprehensive warehouse of funding opportunities. 

About InfoEd

InfoEd Global monitors public and private Sponsors from around the world to ensure that the most current information is always accessible. Within queries and filters, and by selecting from unique options, you will have the power to find exactly what you need now, and easily adjust settings to continue receiving exceptional results as your institution's needs evolve.

With the addition of SMARTS, both administrators and institution users can enhance the power of SPIN, by establishing custom notification systems to stay on top of current and upcoming opportunities. SMARTS has the additional benefit of allowing administrators to assess and compare how effectively their institution's users are utilizing funding information. This sets the stage for the easy creation of funding goals and promotions. 

Login & Account Set-up

InfoEd Login Page

Account Set-up

All Dartmouth College users must first establish a Profile.

  1. Select Need to create a new profile
  2. Select Dartmouth College as the Institution
  3. Complete the Profile Request form
  4. Save
  5. An email with the Profile Request information will be reviewed and approved by a Dartmouth College OSP SPIN administrator.
  6. New users will receive email notification that their Profile has been approved.  This email will have a link to set up a unique password for future use.
    1. Once this process is complete, users will be able to sign in and access functionality such as saving searches and activating SMARTS (email) notifications for funding opportunities.

SMARTS Notifications

Users can set up SMARTS email notifications by creating searches in the Text, Advanced, or Keyword search areas and from there they can Save the search and while doing so, there will be an option to activate SMARTS upon the search.

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