Geisel Mobile Communication Policy

Note: This is in addition to the broader “Mobile Communication Device and Services Policy” as developed and maintained by Procurement Services/Controller’s Office of Dartmouth College

Effective Date: 

July 1, 2020

Last Reviewed:

February 1, 2024


The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth endeavors to provide its employees with the appropriate resources and technological tools to enable them to do their jobs. In specific cases, Geisel may provide a monthly stipend and/or mobile communication device to qualified employees. Eligibility considerations for these benefits are noted below, though in all cases, approval for specific employees shall be at the discretion of the Dean’s Office. Geisel may provide a mobile device or provide a mobile communications stipend when a Geisel employee’s:

  • Day-to-day job responsibilities require that the employee be available for urgent issues at any time of day or the job responsibilities require that the employee use mobile devices
  • Day-to-day job regularly requires significant time out of the employee’s designated office/workspace, either for business travel (> 30 days per year) or for work-related activities at a remote location
  • Job responsibilities include frequent on-call responsibilities (e.g., having to be available to work/respond to urgent inquiries outside normal business/office hours), or the need to receive or initiate communications in emergency situations

In order to provide consistent benefits to employees who meet the criteria above, Geisel will provide a uniform communications stipend in the amount of $50.00/month through the normal payroll processes. 

Mobile communications expenses (for currently approved employees) incurred prior to the effective date of this policy (July 1, 2020) may be paid for using existing mechanisms, including Dartmouth sponsored PCards, corporate credit cards, payroll stipends, or through expense reimbursement requests.

Any mobile communications expenses incurred after the effective date (July 1, 2020), and not otherwise approved for employee stipend support per this policy, will be deemed the responsibility of the employee.  All employees who currently receive Geisel/Dartmouth support for mobile communications devices will need to complete a (new) Mobile Communications Stipend Request form in advance of July 1, 2020.  All pre-existing (prior to July 1, 2020) mobile communications support agreements shall be nullified with the adoption of this new policy. Requests for mobile communications stipends will be reviewed on an as submitted basis and will be effective on or after the Effective Date. 

To facilitate the transition of employer-sponsored mobile communications plans to individual plans, department administrators should contact Denise Moses in Dartmouth’s Procurement group with the name(s), phone number(s), and carrier(s) of phone numbers for people who are moving off of a Dartmouth mobile communications plan to an individual plan. Procurement will release the phone number for the individual to port over to their personal account. The individual will then have three to four weeks to port that number to a personal account that they establish with a carrier of their choice. After that time, the number returns to the Dartmouth pool of numbers and is not available for porting to a personal account. Please be advised that most carriers offer a discount for Dartmouth employees. You will want to bring your Dartmouth ID, as proof of employment, to the carrier’s store when you create your personal account.

As with any device that may hold Dartmouth information, the device needs to meet security and data integrity standards as determined by the Dartmouth Information Security Council. With cell phones, the device must be protected by setting a passcode on the phone.

Dartmouth’s employee discount program, D’Perks, provides some opportunities for savings for cell phones, accessories, and select provider plans. Employees can visit to learn more. Note that a separate log-in from the standard NetID/Dartmouth password is required.

In certain cases where the employee is not provided with a dedicated Dartmouth College phone line or where a Dartmouth College activity requires a dedicated mobile device, s/he/they may be provided with a Dartmouth College sponsored mobile device and plan. Note that this provision does not apply to individuals who are working under approved “remote work” arrangements, whereby the employee bears responsibility for ensuring the availability of appropriate and secure internet and phone service in relation to their Dartmouth role(s).

In certain additional cases, a Dartmouth employee may be required to travel internationally for Dartmouth-sponsored activities or may incur (occasional) incremental mobile communications expenses where the individual otherwise does not receive a mobile communications stipend or other support for that activity. In these cases, certain mobile communications charges related to Dartmouth-approved international activities or incurred directly in conjunction with Dartmouth business may be eligible for reimbursement. Examples of eligible charges include those that are incurred above the employee’s normal calling plan for international calls, including applicable foreign taxes or levies, and excess minutes or other out-of-network charges, where those charges clearly relate to Dartmouth business. To be reimbursed for calls or service, an employee must submit documentation of the additional costs incurred and the specific business purpose.

Process for Requesting Mobile Communication Device and/or Stipend

  1. Need for a communication device and/or stipend is identified by individual, supervisor, and/or department leadership, and is supported by defined responsibilities in the employee’s position description.
  2. Individual completes the appropriate form (Mobile Communication Stipend Request or Mobile Communication Device Request).
  3. Supervisor reviews and approves form.
  4. Department Chair, Center Director, or unit head reviews and approves the form and completes Dartmouth’s General HR-Pay Request form for the requested stipend amount and submits to the Dean’s Office.
  5. Dean’s Office reviews and approves the form(s), confirming funding source for payment.
  6. Approved Mobile Communications Stipend/Device Request forms are submitted to the Geisel Finance Center attached to a General Request e-Form for processing.

Administration of Mobile Communications Policy

The department administrator (or equivalent leadership role) shall bear primary responsibility for monitoring changes to individual employee circumstances with respect to the applicability and appropriateness of on-going mobile communications support.

On at least an annual basis the Dean’s Office will work with the Geisel Finance Center and the departments to review all mobile communication stipends and devices to verify the continued business purpose of the stipend, payment amounts, and active service for the employee.


Mobile Communication Device Request

Mobile Communication Stipend Request

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