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Paychecks in Hinman Mail

As a reminder, Dartmouth pay checks and deposit statements, regardless of how delivered, are confidential documents to be opened only by the addressee. These documents should never be opened or read by anyone other than the intended recipient. However, with the recent implementation of the payroll mailing policy, concerns have arisen about the security and reliability of delivering pay checks and deposit statements by Hinman mail. To address those concerns, here are some steps that can be taken by employees and departments to ensure secure and proper delivery.


  1. Employees should first confirm that their listed Hinman Box number (HB) is correct on their paycheck or direct deposit. You can do this online by following the instructions in this document: <>, or you can call or e-mail Payroll at Dartmouth.Payroll@Dartmouth.EDU or call (603) 646-2697.
  2. If your HB is correct and you did not receive your check or deposit statement as expected:
  1. First, call Payroll to confirm your HB mailing address at (603) 646-2697. If Payroll records show the correct HB, then contact your departmental mail resources to see if the document was in fact delivered to your department.
  2. If it was not received by your department, then contact the Hinman Mail Center (603) 646-2824, or to see if it has been sent. 


  1. Encourage employees to review and confirm their HB information, as noted above.
  2. Review or establish protocols for the distribution of pay checks or deposit statements received through Hinman Mail, and be sure to communicate those protocols to everyone in the department.

Some possible protocols may include items such as:

  • Pay checks or deposit statements received through Hinman mail will be distributed with other Hinman mail, as it is normally distributed.
  • If a person is out on the day that pay checks or deposit statements are delivered through Hinman mail, then either the employee's supervisor will receive the document, or, the document will be placed in a specific and secure location in the employee's workspace.

Last Updated: 7/24/18