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The Controller's Office consists of several departments providing core accounting services, financial reporting, finance training and oversight services for the Dartmouth Community. Those departments are:

  • Accounts Receivable is responsible for billing and collection of most non-student College receivables.
  • Cashier's Office is responsible for processing departmental deposits, petty cash reimbursements and cash advances.
  • Endowment Administration is responsible for administering the College's endowment funds.
  • Financial Reporting acts as a resource to fiscal officers and senior management to research and resolve accounting, tax and other financial questions.
  • Institutional Accounting is responsible for the recording and safekeeping of the College's endowment, investment, and cash assets; and the administration of the merchant credit card program; accountability of incoming fund transfers, including Wires, ACH and EFT transactions along with other daily and monthly accounting functions.
  • Inventory Operations is responsible for providing materials and delivery services for College personnel to perform their daily operations.
  • Payroll is responsible for all employee pay-related functions.
  • Procure-to-Pay is responsible for processing vendor invoices and generating payments for goods and services received by the College.
  • Procurement Services is responsible for the implementation of efficient and effective purchasing of goods and services to meet College needs.
  • Campus Billing and DartCard Services is responsible for the billing and collection of student tuition & fees as well as non-student receivables and the operation of all College student loan programs.

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