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The Endowment Administration Office is responsible for administering Dartmouth College's endowment funds.  We operate in consideration of College policy and procedures, federal and state regulations, and donor restrictions.

Our primary objectives are to:

  • ensure terms and gift agreements comply with Dartmouth's policies and procedures, federal and NH state regulations.
  • record the terms of endowment funds for purposes of utilization and financial reporting.
  • provide guidance on spending for compliance with donor intent.
  • communicate and disseminate information to members of the Dartmouth College community and various other constituencies regarding the terms of endowments and the applicable policies.
  • serve as custodians of the permanent records.

The Office of Institutional Accounting is responsible for the accounting functions related to endowments utilizing Fundriver, the Endowment Fund System.  The Dartmouth College Investment Office works under the direction of the Board of Trustees' Investment Committee to manage the investments of the College, including the endowment.

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