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  • We act as a resource to financial administrators, fiscal officers and senior management to research and resolve accounting, tax and other financial questions.
  • We review all manual (WebAdi) journal entries for compliance with Journal Entry Best Practice requirements, Restricted Fund Management guidelines, and appropriate chart string usage.
  • We conduct several financial training classes (Working with the Chart of Accounts, Working with IRA Reports, IRA Pivot Table Review and Modifying Reports in Answers, Journal Entries in Oracle General Ledger-WebAdi) and our staff is available to provide individual assistance.
  • We are responsible for performing accounting, analysis and monitoring related to capital project accounts and the College's external debt.
  • Financial Reporting is responsible for producing timely and accurate financial statements and tax filings for the College and its related entities.

For general accounting or journal entry questions, contact the Financial Reporting staff member assigned to your division or school:

Dianne Ingalls

Hopkins Center
Human Resources
President's Office
University Press of New England (UPNE)

(603) 646-2360
Gwendolen Gensler

Arts & Sciences Finance Center
Campus Services
Safety & Security
Thayer School of Engineering
Tuck School of Business
Tuck/Thayer Finance Center

(603) 646-1884
Jing Gao

Admin and Provost Finance Center (Lisa Ott & Lisa Lee)
Geisel School of Medicine
Geisel School of Medicine Finance Center

(603) 646-0594
Susan Mockus

Admin and Provost Finance Center
Dean of the College
Student Affairs
Student Financial Services

(603) 646-1561
Tawnia Boutin Admin and Provost Finance Center
Real Estate Office (REO)
(603) 646-2905

For tax related questions contact:

Controller's Office (603) 646-3011

For questions on IRA reports, contact

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