Tuition and Fee Refund Policy

The College policy on refunds for students withdrawing from Dartmouth, whether voluntarily or by dismissal, is set forth below.



Refunds for students who withdraw after tuition has been paid, but prior to registration and the first day of classes, will be 100% of tuition. After the beginning of classes, refunds will be calculated as follows: a refund of 100% for withdrawal during the first week of the term, a refund of 90% for withdrawal during the second week of the term, a refund of 75% for withdrawal during the third week of the term, a refund of 50% for withdrawal during the fourth week of the term, and a refund of 25% for withdrawal during the fifth week of the term. No refund will be made after the fifth week of the term. The term begins on the first day of classes; the first week is the first 7 days beginning with the first day of classes.


Students who withdraw in the first week of the term will receive 100% board refund.  Students who withdraw in the second week will receive a 90% board refund.  Dining plan refunds will be calculated on a pro rata basis for any student who withdraws voluntarily or who is dismissed from the College after the second week.

Residence Hall Room Rents

The policy for residence hall room rent is identical to the tuition refund policy: 100% before classes begin; 100% during the first week; 90% during the second week; 75% during the third week; 50% during the fourth week; and 25% during the fifth week. There is no refund after the fifth week. This policy applies to all dormitory rooms and to room rents in College-owned fraternities and organizations.

Other Charges

Charges for computing equipment and for Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan are non-refundable. Other miscellaneous fees and charges, including student activity fees will be refunded during the first two weeks according to the percentage listed above during this term. 

The only exception to this policy will be for students receiving Title IV, HEA federal financial aid who are attending Dartmouth for the first time and who withdraw on or before the 60% point in time of their first term of enrollment. Refunds for these students will be calculated using the pro rata refund formula prescribed for these particular students by federal regulations. Please consult with your Financial Aid Office for more information.

In the case of a withdrawing student receiving Dartmouth scholarship assistance or federal financial aid, the share of the refund returned to the student or family is dependent upon a number of factors. The amount of scholarship retained and/or the amount of repayment due to federal programs must be calculated in accordance with applicable regulations and formulas. Please consult with your Financial Aid Office for more information.

Refunds, scholarship adjustments and repayments of federal funds are recorded to the student’s account. All requests for student account refunds shall be submitted in writing to Campus Billing, and any balance due the student upon the making of such adjustments shall be paid to the student within 30 days.

In any instance where it is felt that individual circumstances may warrant exception to the Refund Policy, the student may appeal in writing to the Controller.


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