Timesheet Revisions

Use of 'Other' and 'Holiday'

When to Record Holiday

Regular benefits-eligible hourly employees recording holiday time on their timesheet should record the hours under the "Holiday" column for those holidays recognized by the College. To locate College Holidays, please refer to the Human Resources website under http://www.dartmouth.edu/~hrs/news/holidays.html. This should be coded with regularly scheduled hours and should be filled in if an employee does not work on the Holiday. The Sign In/Sign Out columns should be blank.

When to Record Holiday Worked

Regular benefits-eligible hourly employees who work on a College Holiday, should record the hours they ACTUALLY worked on the holiday under the Hours Worked Sign In/Sign Out columns. Additionally, total hours worked should be recorded in the Holiday Worked column. The time worked should be recorded only in the corresponding pay period worked, and not in a pay period before or after unless approved by a supervisor or department head. If the hours actually worked on the holiday are less than the number of regularly scheduled hours, the difference should be entered in the Holiday column.

Please note: Temporary employees do not receive Holiday and Holiday Worked time. All time worked on the holiday should be recorded under the Sign In/Sign Out columns.

When to Record Other

Regular benefits-eligible hourly employees should record Winter Break days in the "Other" column on the timesheet. For further information regarding College Winter Break, please refer to the Human Resources website.

Paid absences from work also should be recorded "Other". For further information on types of paid absences see the Human Resources website.

Completing the Override Section

The override section of the time sheet must be used for the following reasons:

  • There are errors on the Time Turnaround Document. (example: a new assignment is not listed)
  • You are charging time at both base pay & base pay plus shift.
  • You have multiple assignments active during this pay period and are being paid on more than one of those assignments.
  • You need to override the Time Turnaround Document (TTD) account distribution for the current payroll only or because a Labor Distribution Account Change form was not processed in time to reflect the TTD listing.
  • Before completing the override section, the upper portion B. of the time sheet must be completed, and must include all hours regardless of department. The total hours are then carried down to the override portion C. of the timesheet.
  • If you are using a different account string to be charged to a portion or all of time worked for any given pay period. (Please include the natural class)

Revising a Timesheet

Depending on the calendar, certain holiday periods may require that timesheets are due in your designated Finance Center before the end of the scheduled pay period. As a result, it is important that any differences between what was submitted and what was actually worked be reported to Payroll in the next pay period. Under these circumstances, a revised timesheet must be submitted.

A revised timesheet is used only if an adjustment must be made to hours worked or to leave hours taken by an hourly employee in a prior pay period. A revised timesheet is also used to rectify an account error on a previous timesheet.  After the revised timesheet has been reviewed and signed by the student and department supervisor, please submit the timesheet to the Payroll Office.

The revised timesheet must contain the employee's name, the end date of the pay period needing to be adjusted, the assignment number, the timekeeping location, and all hours worked and/or leave taken for the pay period being revised.

A new timesheet with the word "REVISED" written on it must be filled out by the employee with the correct hours worked and/or leave hours taken. Supervisors are expected to review and sign the timesheet before it is forwarded to Payroll.

If vacation days have been incorrectly recorded, please notify your supervisor. Payroll must be notified within 30 days of the pay date in which the vacation days have been incorrectly recorded in order to change the status.  If after 30 days, please contact your Human Resources consultant for approval.

If the timesheet deadline is before the end of my work week first fill out the timesheet, and all anticipated hours for the pay period by the communicated timesheet deadline to ensure timely payroll processing. Secondly, fill out a revised timesheet if the anticipated hours previously listed is different than what was worked.

Should you have additional questions, please contact Payroll at (603) 646-2697, or by email.

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