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Jobnet Web Search Postings
(Student jobs paid by Dartmouth College Payroll)

The Student Employment Office (SEO) maintains JOBNET, a web-based database that is compiled of student employment opportunities. Every position listed on Jobnet is paid by Dartmouth College. Only "active" jobs (those needing to be filled) can be viewed on Jobnet. To get the broadest possible search results, select only the Term for which you want to search, then click the "Search JOBNET" button.

Most positions are open to all students, regardless of work-study eligibility. If you do not have a Federal Work-Study award from Financial Aid, be sure to uncheck the "Work-Study only" box.

Each position announcement includes the job description and requirements, when and how to apply, and the name of the contact person.

Students who are not U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents are not eligible for Federal Work-Study, but may still be eligible for on-campus employment if their visa status allows work and if they have obtained any required permission from the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS). If you see a position listed on Jobnet that specifies that it is "work-study only," you are NOT eligible to apply. (These are most often positions at off-campus Community Service Agencies.) Students who wish to work for one of the Dartmouth Professional schools should ensure that the payment is from Dartmouth College and should consult their OVIS advisor if they have questions.

Helpful Tips...

  • Edit your resume and cover letter for each position you're applying to
  • Include a copy of your class schedule with your application, as well as bring it to the interview
  • Practice basic interview questions (pdf, 277KB) with friends or family
  • Dress professionally for the interview
  • Have a few questions to ask about the job, the office, or duties required of you
  • When applying for a position, be sure to indicate the JOBNET number for which you are applying in your initial contact.