Lone Pine Staff Recognition Award Nominations

The comprehensive Lone Pine Staff Recognition Program provides a variety of ways in which we recognize staff for their outstanding contributions to Dartmouth.

The Lone Pine Staff Recognition Awards include our flagship Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award, the College's highest staff honor, and six Excellence Awards for individuals and/or teams in the following categories: Collaboration, Passion and Commitment, Innovation, Leadership, Unsung Hero, and Diversity & Inclusion.

The 2022 nomination period is now closed. The 2023 nomination period will open in November 2023.

Nomination Criteria

Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award was established by Jim and Susan Wright in 2008 to recognize a Dartmouth College staff member, with at least five years of service, who has made a difference to the College and to their colleagues; demonstrates a commitment to the highest work ethic and exemplary work performance; is both selfless and unwavering in dedication to the institution; and is relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Excellence Awards recognize individual staff members or teams, with at least one year of service, who have demonstrated specific criteria related to each award category, that go beyond their basic job description, and support Dartmouth's Core Values.

Nomination Guidelines

Supervisors and co-workers, as well as staff from other departments, faculty, and students, are welcome to nominate staff for these awards. Each individual wishing to nominate a staff member should complete their own nomination form. In the past, strong candidates received thoughtful nominations from a range of colleagues from different capacities across campus. Nominations will be reviewed by cross-campus committees. 

  • Assume that the selection committee isn't familiar with this person and their role at Dartmouth. Provide context that will illustrate the effect of your nominee's efforts and accomplishments.
  • Consider including perspectives of the nominee that are both internal to the department/working group and external to the department/working group.
  • If appropriate, highlight institutional or cross-department efforts and interactions.

Nomination Process

The 2022 nomination period is now closed. The 2023 nomination period will open in November 2023.

View the nomination form prompts if you wish to see them prior to completing the online nomination form. 

The Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award and Excellence Award honorees will be announced and acknowledged by President Beilock and other senior leaders at the annual Lone Pine Excellence Award Ceremony and Reception in the spring.

Award recipients will receive a monetary award of $500 (a minimum of $100 each for team recipients) as well as a small gift.

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