Youth Employment Requirements

State of New Hampshire Youth Employment Requirements

Per New Hampshire law, youths under the age of 18* must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian for a child to work.  The process varies based on the age of the youth and is outlined below.

All completed New Hampshire Youth Work Certificates and parental permission notes must be sent to the Payroll Office before employment can begin. Completed forms can be sent via campus mail to Hinman Box 6161 or via US Mail to 7 Lebanon - Suite 309, Hanover NH 03755.

Youths aged 12-15

Youths aged 12 - 15 are required to complete a youth work certificate. This certificate is obtain through the following steps:

  1. Employer completes the Employers' Request for Child Labor Form (pdf).
  2. The youth takes that form to their local school or school superintendent's office, or to their parent, to obtain a signed NH Youth Employment Certificate (pdf), after the determination of a satisfactory level of academic performance by the student.
  3. The youth takes the completed NH Youth Employment Certificate  to Payroll Office before employment can begin.

Youths aged 16-17*

Youths aged 16 or 17* must provide written permission from their parent or guardian that states the youth is permitted to work at Dartmouth College. The note must include the details below:

  • Full legal name of the youth seeking employment
  • Date of permission granted by parent or guardian
  • Full legal name of the parent or guardian providing the permission

*Note: Youths aged 16 or 17 years who have graduated from high school or obtained a general equivalency diploma are exempted from this rule.

For additional information, please see the New Hampshire Department of Labor Youth Employment Regulations or Youth Employment FAQs.

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