Other Recognition Ideas

Recognizing Staff

There are many ways for supervisors to recognize their staff on an ongoing basis. See below for ideas on how to maintain a culture of appreciation and recognition within your team in creative and meaningful ways.

  • Save 5 minutes at the end of each staff meeting to do shout outs to your employees
  • Create a recognition board in your department – post "shout outs" on the board, complimenting fellow staff members or other employees for a job well done (let your staff post "shout outs" to their peers, too!)
  • Let your staff contribute to decision-making processes
  • Share your recognition stories – either within a department website, email, or newsletter
  • Copy an employee on an email to their supervisor/department head praising their performance
  • Simply thank them in person or by sending an email or a thank you note (make sure you have a Gratitude Basket in your area and encourage virtual gratitude cards!)
  • Set up a time for the Administration to thank your team for a job well done
  • Start each meeting with a celebration story recognizing a team member's great work
  • Create something simple and fun to recognize your staff
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