Additional Day Off Guidance

Employees and supervisors are encouraged to review the guidance below for questions they may have regarding the December 22, 2023 additional day off.

  • This extra day off is paid at the normal base rate of pay for an employee’s otherwise normally scheduled hours on that day and is in addition to an eligible employee’s current bank of personal and vacation time.
  • All regular staff and union employees, both full- and part-time, who are not asked to work to maintain essential services are eligible to take Dec. 22 as an additional day off.
  • If an employee is required to work on Dec. 22, they will be encouraged to take an alternative day the week before the Christmas holiday. If the department determines that this would be too disruptive to maintain services, the supervisor may request that the employee take their additional day at some other time before the end of the last pay period of this fiscal year.
  • Temporary employees and hourly-paid student employees are not eligible for time off pay on Dec. 22, but if asked to work, they will be paid at their normal rate of pay.
  • This additional day cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year and must be taken as a full day.
  • Hours for employees who use a timeclock to enter time will be added by the employee's supervisor or finance center.
  • Regular staff and union employees who use the Kronos web-entry time system should add the Pay Code “Other Lost Time” and the associated hours to their electronic time cards for scheduled hours on Dec. 22 if they do not work.
  • If an eligible employee works on Dec. 22, worked hours should be added to the electronic timecard asusual: time in and time out on the specific day. If the employee does not work the full day/shift, those hours not worked should be added as “Other Lost Time” for that day by adding a line, selecting “Other Lost Time” from the drop-down list, and entering the number of hours not worked.
  • Divisions, along with recommendations from departments, will determine what services are essential, and supervisors will determine who will work on Dec. 22.
  • The executive officers will identify areas that will maintain essential services on Dec. 22.
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