Position Descriptions

The position description is a basic tool that is used to evaluate a job for the purpose of determining the pay range and FLSA classification. Additionally, it may assist with determining recruitment strategy, learning opportunities, and professional development needs.

Master Template

Position Description Template (Word)

Administrative Position Descriptions

Administrative Assistant I (MS Word, 48KB)
Administrative Assistant II (MS Word, 49KB)
Administrative Assistant III (MS Word, 49KB)
Administrative Assistant IV (MS Word, 52KB)
Office Manager (MS Word, 51KB)
Receptionist (MS Word, 49KB)

Financial Position Descriptions

PFS Billing Specialist I (MS Word, 50KB)
PFS Billing Specialist II (MS Word, 49KB)

Research Support Position Descriptions

Clinical Administrator I (MS Word, 53KB)
Clinical Administrator II (MS Word, 54KB)
Clinical Administrator III (MS Word, 57KB)
Laboratory Animal Technician I (MS Word, 59KB)
Laboratory Animal Technician II (MS Word, 61KB)
Laboratory Animal Technician III (MS Word, 58KB)
Laboratory Technician I (MS Word, 49KB)
Laboratory Technician II (MS Word, 49KB)
Laboratory Technician III (MS Word, 53KB)
Neuroscience Technician I (MS Word, 57KB)
Neuroscience Technician II (MS Word, 57KB)
Research Assistant I (MS Word, 53KB)
Research Assistant II (MS Word, 52KB)
Research Assistant III (MS Word, 53KB)
Research Assistant IV (MS Word, 51KB)

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