Unpaid Leaves of Absence

Employees who require time off from work, either in addition to accrued vacation and/or personal time, may be eligible to take a Leave Of Absence (LOA) or Leave Own Charges (LOC).  The maximum duration is one year, granted in monthly increments.

Unpaid Leave of Absence Policy

Please click here to review the full Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy, which includes additional information not found on this website.


Available to all regular, benefits-eligible employees.

NOTE: Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement should refer to their specific handbooks for details on these types of leaves.


An unpaid LOA/LOC is normally requested by the employee 30 days in advance using the Application for Unpaid Leave Form. The form must be signed and approved by the immediate supervisor and/or the department head before being forwarded to the Human Resources Benefits Office for its approval.

Benefits While on Leave

You will be responsible for the full cost of the premiums (no medical credit will be received during this leave). You will be prompted on the application to check off the benefits that you wish to continue and/or cancel during your leave period. Some contributions for benefits like FSA's and HSA's may need to be collected prior to your leave, if you are not returning within the same calendar year, otherwise they will be recalculated and collected upon your return. You will be direct billed monthly for each of the benefits that you wish to continue.

If you are on leave during the annual open enrollment period, you will still be required to log-in to the FlexOnline system and make your annual elections for the upcoming year.  DO NOT assume that you will be automatically re-enrolled in all of the same benefits that you had when you went out on leave.

Returning from Leave

If your return date changes, please notify your department and the Human Resources Benefits office in writing as soon as possible.

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