Adoption Reimbursement

Dartmouth provides a reimbursement up to $5,000 per calendar year for qualified expenses associated with the cost of adopting a child. A list of qualified adoption expenses is listed below.  Regular benefits-eligible employees may apply. 


Request for Adoption Expense Reimbursement Form

Paid Parental Leave Application


All Dartmouth benefits-eligible employees

About the Benefit

  • The maximum reimbursement per adoption transaction per employee, per calendar year is $5,000.
  • This benefit is pro-rated for employees working less than full time.
  • Reimbursement requests may include services received within the current calendar year or during the prior calendar year.
  • If more than one child is adopted during a single adoption transaction, the maximum reimbursement is $5,000 for the calendar year.
  • Employee must request reimbursement using the Request for Adoption Expense Reimbursement form and provide appropriate supplementary documentation (e.g. must include both invoices and corresponding proof of payment).
  • Reimbursement is made in the employee's paycheck and can be paid in either a $5,000 lump sum or in smaller amounts as expenses are incurred.

Qualified Adoption Expenses

Qualified adoption expenses are reasonable and necessary expenses directly related to, and for the principal purpose of, the legal adoption of an eligible child.

Qualified adoption expenses include:

  • Adoption fees,
  • Attorney fees,
  • Court costs,
  • Travel expenses (including meals and lodging) while away from home, and
  • Re-adoption expenses relating to the adoption of a foreign child.

Qualified adoption expenses don't include expenses:

  • For which you received funds under any state, local, or federal program,
  • That violate state or federal law,
  • Expenses incurred on dates in which you were not working for Dartmouth in a benefits eligible capacity.
  • For carrying out a surrogate parenting arrangement, or
  • For the adoption of your spouse's child

Please contact the Benefits Office with any questions, including clarification around qualified versus non-qualified adoption expenses, at (603) 646-3588 or by email at

Eligible Child

  • Any child under age 18. If the child turned 18 during the year, the child is an eligible child for the part of the year he or she was under age 18.
  • Any disabled individual physically or mentally unable to take care of himself or herself.


  • Submit a completed Request for Adoption Expense Reimbursement form and appropriate supplementary documentation (e.g. must include both invoices and corresponding proof of payment)
  • All Adoption Requests (with supporting documentation) must be received no later than November 1st to guarantee reimbursement within the calendar year.
  • Send documents to the Benefits Office via email (scan), fax or mail
  • Keep copies of all documents for your files.
  • Materials will be reviewed. Provided that all documentation is accurate, once the request has been approved, the Benefits Office will send a confirmation email to the employee about expected reimbursement amount and timeline.
  • Incorrect or incomplete requests will cause delay in review and reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement will appear in the employee's paycheck under the following line item (Adopt Reimb.)

Leaving Dartmouth

If you are leaving Dartmouth, or losing benefits eligibility, all Adoption Reimbursement paperwork along with associated receipts and proof of payment must be received and approved by the benefits office prior to your last day of benefits eligible employment.


A Health Benefits Administrator is available to advise supervisors and employees on all aspects of the adoption reimbursement process, including questions regarding eligible adoption expenses.  Please contact the Human Resources Benefits office at (603) 646-3588 and ask to speak to a Health Benefits Administrator.

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