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For more information about employee discounts offered by local and national merchants through D'Perks, please create an account at: https://dperks.perkspot.com/login  
You may wish to bookmark this website in your browser or on your mobile device.

To Create A Mobile "App" for D'Perks:

  • iPhone— Log in on your mobile browser, then click on the "upload" icon at the bottom of the screen, then select to "Add to Home screen"
  • Android—Log in on your mobile browser, then click on "menu" and "Save to Home screen"

D'Perks Frequently Asked Questions

Must I use my work email only? Can I use another email?
You can log in with any email address.

How do I update my email address or password?
Click the "My account" link at the top of the your screen and then click "Update my profile." Enter the new email address/password and click "Update my account."

How do I unsubscribe or subscribe to D'Perks/PerkSpot emails?
Your email subscription preferences can be updated at any time from the "My Account" link. Simply check or uncheck the box next to "Keep me informed on new offers" to either subscribe or unsubscribe from all Perk-Spot emails.

Why can't I find the discount I am looking for?
Try searching for the discount by category. Still can't find what you are looking for? The search feature can be found on tablet and desktop devices in the top right corner labeled "Find a great deal".

I am moving/traveling and want to find the discounts in my area.
Click the "My account" link at the top of the your screen. Go under "My profile" and click "Update my profile." Find your location and change the "Home" zip code to the zip code of the area moving/traveling to and click "Update my account."

How do I redeem discounts?
Most discounts are redeemable online only with use of an offer code or special link available through PerkSpot. If a discount is redeemable in-store, it will be clearly stated in the offer details. Please read the full offer details and restrictions carefully, they will provide the necessary information on how to take advantage of a specific discount.

Am I eligible for cell phone plan discounts?
Most cell phone discounts can be redeemed either online or in-store. To redeem online you will need to provide an active corporate email address as proof of current employment. If you have not been issued a corporate email address you will need to redeem the discount in-store using a valid proof of employment such as a work ID/badge or recent pay stub. Retirees are not eligible for cell phone plan discounts.

I have a question regarding a previous purchase I made on D'Perks.
If you have any questions regarding a recent payment or the shipping of a product you recently bought, you will need to con-tact the store or merchant directly.

Any other questions should be directed to the D'Perks Manager in the Upper Valley Business Alliance at 603-448-1203.

Dartmouth Services

Dartmouth employees are encouraged to take advantage of the many services we offer:

Dartmouth Computer Store
Do you need a computer? The Dartmouth Computer Store offers great prices on new and used equipment.

Real Estate
The Dartmouth College Real Estate office manages a portfolio of approximately 250 residential units which it offers to its employees. Their current listings are online and include apartments, duplexes, and single family homes located primarily in Hanover, NH.

The Real Estate Office also maintains a listing of Upper Valley Rental units. This list is updated daily.

Dartmouth Libraries
Employees are encouraged to use the many services available at our libraries. Borrow movies, use video equipment, attend FREE workshops and more!


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