Employee Recognition

The Lone Pine Staff Recognition Program provides a variety of ways in which we recognize staff for their outstanding contributions to Dartmouth: an awards program, personalized notes of appreciation, staff snapshot, and a summer social event.  

This comprehensive staff recognition program aims to support a deeper culture of appreciation across our institution by recognizing the efforts of our colleagues; promoting collaboration and teamwork; acknowledging the value of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; and honoring staff who excel at their jobs and model Dartmouth’s core values.

Join us as we celebrate our 2023 award recipients at the Lone Pine Excellence Award Ceremony & Reception on May 23, 2024. Please RSVP. 

Lone Pine Excellence Awards

These excellence awards recognize staff members, with at least one year of service, who have demonstrated specific criteria related to each award category, that go beyond their basic job description, and support Dartmouth's Core Values.

Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Service Award

Dartmouth's flagship award recognizes a staff member, with at least five years of service, who consistently demonstrates exceptional qualities in the course of their work.  

Social Justice Awards

These awards were established to recognize individual alumni, faculty, staff, and student groups for their commitment to causes of social justice, civil rights, peace, education, public health or environmental justice. 

Employee Service Awards

Each year, the President of the Dartmouth and the Chief Human Resources Officer have the privilege of honoring long-serving, non-faculty employees.

President Hanlon speaks with award winners.

Gratitude Baskets

Gratitude baskets are located in over 70 key locations around campus and are filled with a variety of cards to use. Virtual gratitude cards are also available.  

Staff Snapshot

Nominate a peer for the Staff Snapshot!

Other Recognition Ideas

Ideas on how to maintain a culture of appreciation and recognition within your team in creative and meaningful ways.

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