For Students

There are many benefits to student employment, including the following:

  • Gain practical employment experience and develop transferable skills
  • Build a stronger connection to the campus and community
  • Learn from mentors and role models
  • Develop time management and organizational skills
  • Grow professional network and cultivate potential future references
  • Earn income to help with educational and living expenses


Recognize Job Scams

Students are often targeted by fake job offer scams. Be very suspicious of any offers for employment if you did not apply for or inquire about a job. Read how to spot a scam and what to do if you recieve an unsolicited job offer.

Find a Job

Dartmouth's Student Employment Portal lists all on-campus and off-campus job openings for enrolled students. Consider subscribing to JobMail alerts (instructions here) to be notified when jobs you may be interested in are posted.

Interview Tips

Resources to help you prepare for your interview

Job Fairs & How to Find a Job Workshops

The Student Employment Office (SEO) hosts student job fairs or "How to find a job" workshops throughout the academic year.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) & Non-Work Study

Information on Federal Work-Study and Non-Work Study jobs

Employee Verification & References

Some employers may require employment history or references post-graduation. Learn how that works.

Work Environment Resources

Resources on creating a positive work environment and how to navigate a workplace issue.

Internships or Post-Graduate Employment

Students seeking internship opportunities or post-graduate employment should contact Dartmouth's Center for Professional Development or search on their website.

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