For Students

There are many benefits to student employment, including the following:

  • Gain practical employment experience and develop transferable skills
  • Build a stronger connection to the campus and community
  • Learn from mentors and role models
  • Develop time management and organizational skills
  • Grow professional network and cultivate potential future references
  • Earn income to help with educational and living expenses


Finding a Job & Interviewing

Helpful information about finding a job and FAQ about the process.

Campus Jobs

Learn how to find a job on Dartmouth's campus.

Off Campus Jobs

Find a job of campus from an array of employers in the Upper Valley, including non-profit organizations.

Job Fairs

The Student Employment Office (SEO) hosts job fairs multiple time per academic year.

Employee Verification & References

Some employers may require employment history and references.

Work Environment Resources

Resources on creating a positive work environment and how to navigate a workplace issue.

Work Study & Non-Work Study

Information on work study versus non-work study positions.

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