Student Employee Training Checklist

Training is an important part of a student employee's orientation to the department and the job. This training process is usually ongoing as students continue to learn new job tasks. Adjusting to a new workplace is difficult even when one has had some work experience; for many students, their college job is their first work experience. What seems "obvious" to you may not be obvious to a new student employee. 

About the Checklist

Just as with all employees, the more thoroughly trained your students are, the better they will be able to perform their jobs. When your students do their jobs well, they enhance the functioning and the image of your department. In addition, their ability to carry out their responsibilities effectively will often make your job easier. 

The time that you initially invest in helping your student workers learn their job responsibilities will prove worthwhile to you, your department, and your student workers. If you have more than one student worker, it may be helpful to offer a group orientation/training session. This is not only efficient but will help ensure that all students are trained in a consistent manner. 

The following checklist is a starting point to support you in training your new student employees.

Tours & Introductions 

  • Restrooms           
  • Lunch/Break room        
  • Layout of the work area 
  • Where to put coats, books, etc.
  • Staff introductions 

Office Protocol 

  • Job responsibilities & daily duties
  • Dress code 
  • Chain of command
  • Work schedule
  • Procedure for submitting time (Kronos)
  • Handling confidential information 
  • Work rules (i.e. visitor policy)
  • Student employment regulations & guidelines 

Phone Usage 

  • Phone etiquette
  • Transferring calls
  • Taking messages      
  • Important numbers 
  • Personal use 


  • How to send a fax (what's our fax number?)
  • Copy/Scanning machine 
  • Passwords & security
  • E-mail etiquette 
  • Computer systems specific to the department
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