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We understand that finding your next job can be both exciting and challenging. We hope that the following information will assist you as you search for your next staff or temporary opportunity at Dartmouth College!

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Navigating the Applicant Portal - Refine Your Search and Find Tech Help

Questions About the Application Process

Process-Related Questions


Navigating the Dartmouth Applicant Portal Home Page

From the Home page, you will find the following buttons designed to help you navigate to predefined searches.

Image of Applicant Portal Home Screen BannerStaff

Takes you to a predefined search of all Regular Full Time, Regular Part Time, Regular Full Time w/end date (term), and Regular Part Time w/end date (term) positions.


Redirects you to the Faculty Recruitment page where you can link to the Dartmouth Interfolio Job Board where all open searches are posted. Interfolio is where you can find faculty, postdoctoral fellowship, research scientist, and research associate openings.


Redirects you to the Dartmouth Student Employment page where Dartmouth College students can find assistance with identifying successful employment opportunities. This page links to JobX where student job listings are managed.


Takes you to a predefined search of all Temporary Full Time and Temporary Part Time positions.

Refining Your Search for Staff and Temporary Positions

At any given time, there could be upwards of 100 jobs posted on our website, which makes finding your match challenging. For this reason, there are several features that you can use to refine your search that can be used in combination with each other. The fields denoted with ** below are the ones we think you will find most helpful.


Adding text to this field searches some, but not all parts of the job posting. This field will search for matching text in the position title, position purpose, and ad text (description) fields. Using the keyword search may unintentionally exclude job postings that are similar to what you are searching for in cases where the text in the posting is not an exact match to your keyword search.

Position Number

If you know the 7-digit position number, this is a good field to use to navigate to the job posting quickly.

Employment Category**

The Employment Category allows you to filter your search results by the following types of positions:

  • Regular Full Time
  • Regular Part Time
  • Regular Full Time w/end date (term)
  • Regular Part Time w/end date (term)
  • Temporary Full Time
  • Temporary Part Time



Using the Division filter will allow you to search for open positions at the division level. The following list will help you navigate these abbreviations and acronyms.

A&S: Undergraduate Arts & Sciences
ADVAD: Advancement (Alumni Relations and Development)
CSV: Campus Services
CSVC: Info, Tech & Consulting
DDSAX: Dining & Auxiliary Operations
F&A: Finance & Administration
FOM: Facilities Operations & Management
GEISEL: Geisel School of Medicine
LIB: Dartmouth Libraries
OOCOM: Office of Communications
PRES: Presidents Division
PROV: Provosts Office
SVPAO: Senior Vice President Advancement Office
THAY: Thayer School of Engineering
TUCK: Tuck School of Business
VPAR: Vice President for Alumni Relations
VPDEV: Vice President, Development
VPSA: Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Desired Pay/Salary Estimate**

This field allows you to filter by positions that have a posted hiring range that meets your desired pay range. While we try to select a hiring range on all job postings, you will find that there are some that do not have a hiring range posted; those positions may be found using the “No Selection” filter.

Posted Within

This field allows you to find job postings that have been posted, refreshed, or had changes to the job posting within the selected time frame.

Functional Category**

This field allows you to narrow your search to include all job postings that are related to the category of work that you are seeking. For example, selecting the “ADMN – General Administration” label will result in a list of job postings that are process‐oriented or office work related. Job postings may have more than one functional category assigned to them.

Here is a full list of Functional Categories with examples of jobs that fall into the categories.  

Union Posting?

This field allows you to see open positions within one of Dartmouth’s unions or to find open positions that are not a union position.

Remote Work Eligibility:**

This field allows you to find open positions that allow a remote, hybrid, or on-site work arrangement.

The general guidelines to how Dartmouth defines hybrid and fully-remote work arrangements are:

Fully Remote work: An employee who almost exclusively works off-site at a non-Dartmouth location.  This would also include those who may come to campus a few times a year, but do not have a dedicated space.

Hybrid work: An employee who regularly works on-site at a Dartmouth location for part of the week and off-site at a non-Dartmouth location for part of the week.

Click here to learn more about Flexible Work at Dartmouth.

Finding Technical Assistance

If you have a basic technical question, you may be able to find the answer using the “Help” menu located on the left on the Applicant Portal. Clicking on the “?Help” menu will open to the PeopleAdmin Applicant Support page in a new browser tab.

Help Menu ImageIf you are not able to resolve the technical issue on your own, please email to request further assistance.

Do I have to apply online?

Yes, we can only consider applications for staff and temporary openings that are submitted online through the Dartmouth Applicant Portal unless instructions within the job posting specify otherwise (which may be the case in situations where a search firm has been retained).

If you do not have access to a computer at home, you have a couple of options. You can stop by the HR office at 7 Lebanon Street, Hanover, NH, and use the kiosk set up in the lobby on the second floor. If you are not in the Hanover, NH, area, you may wish to try using a computer at your local library.

Submitting your online application will allow the hiring department to have access to your application material immediately.

Will my application be prefilled when I upload my resume (aka resume parsing)?

A limited amount of information will be prepopulated if you choose to upload your resume when you begin creating your account on the applicant portal. This feature is only available to new applicant accounts.

For resume parsing to be most effective, the uploaded resume will need to be in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .html or plain text format. If you are using resume parsing but very few application fields are filled in, the most likely cause is unique formatting on the uploaded document.

Applicant Portal Upload Resume Option Image

I uploaded a resume, so do I really need to complete the Employment History section of the application?

Yes. Applicants are asked to complete the employment history section of the application with their most recent seven (7) years of employment. It's essential to understand that the review process for application materials varies across departments. Some departments exclusively assess information entered in the application (this includes the employment history section), while others focus solely on cover letters and resumes. Additionally, certain departments conduct a comprehensive review of the entire application, including resumes, cover letters, and all submitted documents. The accurate completion of the employment history section also plays a key role in employment verification as part of the pre-employment background check process which is required for all new hires.

If there are instructions listed in the “Special Instructions to Applicants” section, it will be important for you to follow those instructions closely. 

In summary, the submission of a complete application enhances your opportunity of leaving a positive impression, showcasing your suitability for the position, and streamlining the selection process.

What should I enter for a country if mine is not available in the dropdown menu?

The available list of countries in Dartmouth's Applicant Tracking System is derived from Britannica's Countries of the World Portal and options are  updated periodically. If your country is not available in the list, please select “other” and use the open text field to list your country.

How will I know you received my application?

Once you've submitted an online application, you will immediately receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox. Alternatively, you can log into the Dartmouth Applicant Portal and navigate to “Your Applications” to check the status of your application.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, or if your application status is “draft” then your application was not successfully submitted and the hiring department will not have access to it.

I get an error message when I try to submit my application.

The application process can be lengthy, and we understand how frustrating it can be to get almost to the finish line and click “submit” only to get an error. Here are a few tips on correcting an error so that you can submit your application.

Identifying the Section of the Application that Needs Attention

When the system produces an error message, you can identify the section of the application that needs additional attention by the orange exclamation point icon next to the section header (see below for an example).

Personal InfoUse the pencil icon to open that section for editing. The field(s) that are missing information will be highlighted with a red border and may also have the text “this field is required.” under it. Complete the fields that are missing information and then click “Save & Continue.”

Repeat this process for all sections with the orange exclamation icon next to them.

Be sure to complete the Certification section of your application. This is where you get to submit your application.

CertificationOnce your application has been submitted successfully, you will immediately receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox. Alternatively, you can review the status on the Dartmouth Applicant Portal and by navigating to “Your Applications.”

Tip:  Once you’ve opened your application for editing, you will see a list of the sections on the left side of your screen. Any section that does not have a green checkmark next to it is incomplete. In the sample below, the Education History, Employment History, Supplemental Questions and Certification sections need to be completed.

Edit Application Menu

Common Trouble Spot - We most often see the PERSONAL INFORMATION section and EMPLOYMENT AT DARTMOUTH field giving our applicants the most trouble.

Personal Information Section - Employment at Dartmouth
You must make a selection in the “If yes” field even if answered that you are not a current internal Dartmouth employee (see the image below). If you are not a current internal Dartmouth Employee, your selection in the “If yes” field will be “Not Applicable.”

Employment at Dartmouth section

How do I update or make a correction to a submitted application?

Applicants can make updates to the general application data, uploaded documents, or answers to supplemental questions if the position is still posted. The Hiring Department will be made aware that you are updating your application material, but that does not guarantee that the Hiring Department will re-review your application.

Here is the general process for making these updates:

  • Most importantly, follow the steps outlined below and do NOT withdraw your application in order to make changes. If you do withdraw your application you will not be able to make changes to it or re-apply to the position.
  • Email with the Position Title and Position Number in the Subject Field. In the body of the email, indicate whether the change is to the general application data, uploaded documents, or answers to supplemental questions. There is no need to attach updated documents to the email as you will be uploading these later on.
  • A member of the Talent Acquisition team will re-activate the section of your application that you need to update in order to open it so that you can make the requested change. Once it is reactivated, you will receive an automatic email from the applicant portal with instructions for logging in to make the changes.
  • You will need to take action by following the instructions in the email and making the update. Be sure to “certify and submit” your application when you are done making changes.
  • The Hiring Department will be made aware that you are updating your application.

Who do I contact to request a status update?

We appreciate the time that you’ve taken to submit your application in interest of working at Dartmouth and we understand that waiting for a status update can be challenging (and even torturous at times). Here are a couple of ways that you can connect with us to see where your application stands in the recruitment process.

  • Log into the Dartmouth College Applicant Portal and navigate to the “Your Applications” menu item to see if your application’s status has been updated. You may not receive notification that a change has been made.
  • Reach out to the Hiring Department by contacting the individual listed on the job posting as the “Department Contact for Recruitment Inquiries.” If the job posting provides a name but no phone number or email address, you can use the college’s directory to look up the contact information.

Who do I reach out to with questions about a job posting?

If you have questions about the job posting, we suggest that you reach out to Hiring Department by contacting the individual listed on the job posting as the “Department Contact for Recruitment Inquiries.” If the job posting provides a name but no phone number or email address, you can use the college’s directory to look up the contact information.

If you are unsuccessful in connecting with the Hiring Department, please contact the Talent Acquisition Team at

Can I be notified of other job postings that match my interests?

Yes (in most cases)! Job seekers who are interested in recieving email notification of jobs that match their interests have two options (choose one or take advantage of both).

  1. Job Seekers can complete this Interest Form, which adds their contact information to our email list(s) to recieve periodic notifications. 
  2. Job Seekers can sign up for Job Alerts. Enrolled job seekers will receive a daily summary email with a list of jobs within their categories of interest that were posted the day before. The email notification will include information on job titles, position purposes and links to the job postings.

Here’s how to sign up for a daily summary of Job Alerts:

  1. Go to Dartmouth Applicant Portal.
  2. Select “Job Alerts” from the menu on the left.
  3. Enter your email address, first name, last name.
  4. Select all the categories that interest you.
  5. Click Subscribe.

Job Alerts can be managed by logging into your account.

Can I withdraw a submitted application?

Yes, if you are certain that you no longer wish to be considered for a position, you can withdraw a submitted application. It is important to know that applicants cannot undo withdrawing an application nor will they be able to re-apply to that job posting.

The process for withdrawing an application may depend on the stage that the search process is in at the time. In the early stages, applicants can withdraw a submitted application on the Dartmouth Applicant Portal by navigating to the "Your Applications" menu option and selecting the "Application" link on the position you no longer wish to be considered for and moving it to "withdrawn."

Alternatively, applicants can reach out to the hiring department or the Talent Acquisition department to withdraw their interest in a position at any time in the search process. 

H-1B Sponsorship for Staff Positions

In certain circumstances, Dartmouth may provide H-1B sponsorship for certain senior research and professional staff where the position requirements and the individual meet the regulatory criteria for H-1B classification.

Questions about whether a particular staff position at Dartmouth is eligible to provide H-1B visa sponsorship should be directed to the Hiring Department by contacting the individual listed on the job posting as the “Department Contact for Recruitment Inquiries.” If the job posting provides a name but no phone number or email address, you can use the college’s directory to look up the contact information.

You can learn more about H-1B visas and eligibility here.

Benefits and Information About Dartmouth

We want to share with you the many reasons why Dartmouth is a top employer. You can find links to some of that information on the Dartmouth Applicant Portal Home page – be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find information on the following:

Benefits:  Find updated plan information, a cost estimator tool, retirement plans and additional benefits such as paid time off (PTO), adoption reimbursement, educational assistance, faculty & staff loans, F/EAP programs, healthcare hardship program, wellness benefits and more.

About Dartmouth:  Learn about our Mission and Core Values, navigating campus, and about the Upper Valley and so much more.

Toward Equity:  See more about Toward Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability, a three-year strategic plan intended to unify Dartmouth's institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Human Resources:  Link to pages with more information about employment, working at Dartmouth, benefits and compensation, policies and procedures, professional development, certification programs and so much more.

Additional Resources:  Find links to informational pages such as the Talent Acquisition department, accessibility, Institutional Diversity& Equity, employee resource networks, Dartmouth real estate and employee rentals.

Other Info/Notices: Clery Act Notification to prospective employees, notice of non-discrimination, Dartmouth College is an E-Verify employer, and Dartmouth College conducts background checks.

Reference Checks

Candidates who have been interviewed and identified as a final candidate for a position will be asked to submit references to satisfy Dartmouth’s Reference Checks Policy.

Dartmouth uses survey technology (SkillSurvey) as a tool to assist with this process. Candidates will need to enter five references (with two of those being managers) in SkillSurvey (or other survey technology). Although the references you listed on your application will not automatically feed into this system, you can manually add them when you are provided access.

If you do not have enough business references (total of five required), you can use people who have worked closely with you in other situations (e.g., volunteer or non-profit organizations, professional or civic associations, or academic institutions). For recent graduates, teachers, professors, and instructors may qualify as manager references.

The time that it takes to complete this process is largely in your control as the candidate. Reaching out to your references in advance will prepare them to provide feedback in a timely manner.

If you have questions about Dartmouth’s reference checking process, you can contact the Talent Acquisition Team at

Background Check

Dartmouth College conducts background checks for finalists. Finalists for all paid positions will be informed during the pre-employment process that any offer of employment is contingent upon completion of a background check with results acceptable under Dartmouth’s Background Check Policy.

If you have any questions about the Background Check policy or procedure, please contact the Human Resources department at or by calling 603-646-3411. The Office of Human Resources is normally open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, closed for lunch from noon to 1:00 p.m. and will respond to all phone calls and emails during this time.





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