Remote Student Employment

In-Person and Remote Dartmouth Student Employment

In-Person Student Employment

All students living locally and working for Dartmouth College are considered “In-Person”, whether they are completing the work on-site in a campus facility, or in their dorm/apartment. Employers should hire these student employees using the standard PASF hourly-student hiring process.

Remote Student Employment

This document (pdf) provides a framework for employers who may be considering how (or if) they might adapt a student position to be completed remotely. 

Dartmouth allows a “remote” employment option for students who meet all of the requirements below:

If the Student Employee:

  • is an active Dartmouth College student (not withdrawn from the institution), and
  • is living within the United States (US) throughout the entirety of their remote employment this term, and
  • is fully authorized to work for Dartmouth College in the US as determined by the completion of a Form I-9, and
  • has completed the online Student Employee Telecommuting Agreement (employer will receive email from SEO
  • confirming that this has been completed), and
  • is supervised by a Dartmouth College staff or faculty, and
  • accurately records their work hours each workday within the electronic timekeeping system


The employer may hire the student employee using the standard PASF hourly-student hiring process after receiving an emailed copy of the completed agreement employment details entered by the student employee in the online telecommuting agreement. Working outside of the US is not allowed.

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