STAR Academy

The objective of the STAR Academy is to provide Dartmouth's administrative professionals an opportunity to develop their technical and power skills. By completing ten Core Courses and four Electives in a 2-year period, an individual can enhance their effectiveness in their role and increase opportunities for mobility at Dartmouth. 

About the Program

The program is self-paced. Each participant manages their enrollment and learning to meet the requirements of the Core Courses and Electives. Each course will be offered by HR twice a year. Workshops are open to all administrative professionals whether they want to pursue their certificate or attend individual sessions.

Participation is open to all administrative professionals across campus. Administrative Professionals are individuals across the institution whose work includes but is not limited to administrative tasks and coordination of information in support of an organization and the furthering of the goals and mission of that organization. Administrative Professionals are not defined by a title, they are instead defined by the type of work they perform. At Dartmouth, we see Administrative Professionals in some of the following titles: Office Manager, Library Specialist, Program and Events Coordinator, Cataloging and Metadata Specialist, and Executive Assistant. 

To make it easier to earn your certificate, we made some updates to the STAR Academy checklist. If you are using a previous version of the checklist, you may continue to use that or if you prefer, you can use the newer version. As a reminder, all workshops must be completed within a two year period.

Download the STAR Academy Workshop Checklist
Read the STAR Academy FAQs.

For questions, please contact Learning and Development at or 603-646-3411


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Course Completion

As the learner completes each requirement, they build their program portfolio. At the completion of all required courses, the individual emails Learning and Development with their completed checklist. All those who have attained a certificate each year will be recognized at the annual Administrative Professionals Celebration Program. 


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