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Hiring for 23-24

updated June 2, 2023

Employers may begin entering hire requests for students to work this summer term. 

  • If student hires are continuing from spring through summer & into next academic year: Follow instructions below to Edit an hourly-paid student hire & change the end date to the last day of continued employment for the academic year. (We recommend using 8/29/2023 - last day of exams - for students only working through summer term if you’re not sure of an end date) Instructions:  pdf | 2 minute video
  • New or Re-hires (not continuing from spring into summer): Use the standard applicable hiring process instructions, and hire students for their first day of work, whenever that may be:
    • Hire Applicants that applied for hourly-paid job: pdf | 3 minute video
    • Hire hourly-paid student who did not apply (identified hire) or is a re-hire: pdf | 3 minute video

23-24 hire end dates

  • Dartmouth’s 23-24 Academic Calendar is available online. If you are uncertain about the correct end-date for any term’s hire, you can reference the calendar.
  • The last possible date for student employment in 23-24 is June 22, 2024

In-Person & Remote Student Employment

updated June 2, 2023

There has been an update to the International Staffing and Contractor policy, which now permits student employees to work from outside of the U.S. without express permission of the International Staffing Committee (ISC) if very specific conditions are met.

Review the details on this page.

New Student Employment System - JobX & TimesheetX - is now LIVE

updated March 19, 2023

The new Student Employment system (Next Gen JobX & TimesheetX), is now live and has completely replaced Jobnet, PASmartForm (PASF), TempJobs Listserv, and Kronos for student employees at Dartmouth.  Campus departments that employ students must complete several tasks to continue to employ students on and after March 19, 2023, starting with requesting supervisor access to JobX/TimesheetX (pdf instructions).

Review the Dartmouth Employer/Supervisor training page for full instructions.

New Student Minimum Wage Effective March 19, 2023

updated March 3, 2023

Dartmouth announced that the minimum wage for student employees will increase to $16.25 per hour, effective March 19, 2023.

Details regarding the implementation of this new minimum wage can be found on this informational page.

Major change to hiring students post-graduation

updated March 2, 2023

Graduated students cannot continue to work as student employees post-graduation. Hiring or continued employment of Dartmouth graduates must follow Dartmouth’s established regular or temporary staff hiring processes. Read on for details if this pertains to you or your 2023 graduating student employees.

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