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New Student Employment System - Winter Term 2023

updated October 11, 2022

Our project team is working hard to finalize the roll-out of the new Student Employment system (Next Gen JobX & TimesheetX), which will completely replace Jobnet, PASmartForm (PASF), TempJobs Listserv, and Kronos for student employees at Dartmouth. These changes are expected to roll-out throughout the 2023 Winter Term, with a final change-over effective March 19, 2023.  Campus departments that employ students will need to complete several tasks in January and February 2023 in  preparation for this change. More info here.

Student Employee Covid Lost Time (CLT) program: 

updated October 18, 2022

Student Employee COVID Lost Time (CLT) is a program which provides pay replacement for hours that student employees who were or are unable to work their regularly scheduled hours due to their COVID-related illness or health professional-directed quarantine/isolation requirements.

Student Employee COVID Lost Time (CLT) remains available through Spring Term 2023

Please use these links to learn more: 

New Student Minimum Wage Effective Winter Term 2022

On October 11, 2021, Dartmouth announced that the minimum wage for student employees increased to $11.50 per hour. 

Details regarding the implementation of this new minimum wage can be found in this informational page.

In-Person & Remote Student Employment

Review the details on this page.

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