DartSmart Student Employer Training

DartSmart for Student Employers is a certificate training program designed to provide you with practical knowledge and skills required to effectively hire and manage student employees at Dartmouth College. The sessions introduce policies, laws, operating procedures, and responsibilities of our student supervisors.

Become a Certified Student Employer

There are three tracks to becoming a certified student employer, depending upon the responsibilities one has:

  1. If you directly supervise student employees: complete the Core sessions and the Direct Supervisor sessions.
  2. If you provide administrative support for someone who directly supervises student employees (e.g. department admin for faculty who are supervising student employees): complete the Core sessions and the Admin Processing session.
  3. If you both directly supervise student employees and hire students using the PA SmartForm (PASF): complete all sessions.

Get Started

Begin the online modules (approximately 20 minutes each + a short quiz) in Canvas.

  1. You will be prompted to enter your NetID and password, then
  2. Select "Enroll in Course", then
  3. Select "Go to Course".
  4. Once on the Main Screen, you can click on the "Begin the first module now" link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Registration details for the in-person Student Employer: DartSmart Training session* can be found in the online training module.

* The three online modules & online handbook quiz must be completed PRIOR to attending the in-person session.

Level One: Core Sessions

  • Read online Student Employment Handbook + pass quiz
  • Online Module 1:  Laws, Regulations, and Policies + pass quiz
  • Online Module 2:  Student Employment Hiring Cycle + pass quiz
  • Online Module 3:  Reducing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process + pass quiz
  • *In-person Student Employer Training Session
  • * The three online modules & online handbook quiz must be completed PRIOR to attending the in-person session.

Level Two: Supervisory Track

  • Student Employee Time Reviewing and Corrections (not currently available)
  • Supervising Student Employees: Case Studies - registration available now at http://dartgo.org/dscalendar

Level Two: Admin Processing Track

  • Student Hiring system
  • (to be developed in 2021-2022 after the implementation of the new Student Employment system)
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