Lone Pine Excellence Awards

Building upon the annual Employee Service Awards, the Lone Pine Recognition Program serves as the home of our flagship Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award, the College's highest staff honor, and includes six additional staff awards, each with a monetary prize, for individuals and/or teams in the following categories: Collaboration, Passion and Commitment, Innovation, Leadership, Unsung Hero, and Diversity & Inclusion.


These excellence awards recognize staff members, with at least one year of service, who have demonstrated the criteria listed below that go beyond their basic job description and are based off of Dartmouth's Core Values.

Supervisors and co-workers, as well as staff from other departments, faculty, and students, are welcome to nominate staff for any of the award categories. Each individual wishing to nominate a staff member should complete their own submission form. In the past, strong candidates include thoughtful submissions from a range of colleagues from different capacities across campus.  

Award submissions will be reviewed by a cross-campus committee that includes members of the work group that helped shape this program. 

All nominees will be given notice of their nomination, and all award recipients will be recognized by President Hanlon and other Senior Leaders. Each recipient will receive a monetary prize of $500 (minimum of $100 for team award recipients) and a special gift.

Please submit your online nomination.

All nominations must be submitted online. If you do not have access to a computer, please reach out to the Office of Human Resources

Award Categories

Collaboration Award

For teams and/or individuals who:

  • Demonstrate an exemplary ability to effectively work with others to achieve a defined and common purpose for Dartmouth
  • Are able to eliminate perceived boundaries and optimize unique perspectives for a more dynamic collaboration
  • Show respect to others and are dependable and reliable, always willing to help wherever needed
  • Are selfless in their dedication to their team/colleagues and the institution

Passion & Commitment Award

For teams and/or individuals who:

  • Demonstrate unwavering passion and commitment that extends beyond the job requirements
  • Serve as role models to others through their positive and engaging approach to their work, their peers and students/clients, and the institution as a whole
  • Exceed expectations and dedicate themselves for the betterment of Dartmouth
  • Inspire others to approach their work in the same positive and passionate way

Innovation Award

For teams and/or individuals who:

  • Demonstrate unusual initiative and skill in devising new and improved equipment, programs, work methods, and procedures; resulting in substantial improvements to productivity and effectiveness
  • Enhance the Dartmouth community through their innovative work
  • Are proactive and creative in their approach to their work to enhance productivity and effectiveness in their roles
  • Advance the mission of the college through original and creative problem solving for the betterment of Dartmouth and the broader world

Leadership Award

For teams and/or individuals who:

  • Demonstrate a unique ability to inspire others to improve the quantity and quality of their work and facilitate growth through mentoring and commitment to professional development of their staff
  • Provide a sense of purpose for the work that is being done to ensure connectivity to the mission of the institution, and challenge and motivate individuals to excel and succeed
  • Make their staff feel valued through appreciation and recognition, and achieve outstanding results in improving the morale and performance of their employees
  • Manage their teams effectively through open communication and build strong relationships of trust and credibility

Unsung Hero

For teams and/or individuals who:

  • Perform at a high level and go above and beyond without fanfare
  • Maintain a positive approach to their work and have a meaningful impact on colleagues and/or students
  • Embody reliability, perseverance, and integrity
  • Are willing to fill in when and wherever they are needed to help their team/colleagues and Dartmouth

Diversity & Inclusion

For teams and/or individuals who:

  • Demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Dartmouth community
  • Initiate and enhance diversity through sustained effort and work that is above and beyond regular position responsibilities
  • Value and commit to fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging that supports and celebrates individuals and promotes a just and civil society
  • Champion the importance of a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive workplace

Past Award Winners

2021 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 award recipients. 

  • Unsung Hero: Mikki Jaeger, Registrar, Geisel School of Medicine
  • Unsung Hero: Team of Custodians, Campus Services (Caroline Eastman, Kim Baker Farr, John Cardi, Edmond Cadieux Jr.)
  • Collaboration: Timothy Duggan, Assistant Director of the Collis Center
  • Innovation: Team at the Rockefeller Center (Joanne Blais, Bob Coates, Robin Frye, Laura Hemlock, Leslie Wagner-Ould Ismail, Laura Mitchell)
  • Passion & Commitment: Oleg Timoshenko, Technical Program Coordinator, ITC
  • Leadership: James Barkley III, Director of Advancement Data and Support Services
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Amanda Bassett, Director of Alumni Engagement and Strategic Events, Office of Development & Alumni Engagement, Dartmouth-Hitchcock/Geisel School of Medicine 

2020 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2020 award recipients (view the award ceremony video):

  • Unsung Hero: Deirdre O'Donnell, Director, Career Services and Advising, Tuck School of Business
  • Collaboration: Erica Lobel, Program Manager, DALI Lab
  • Innovation: Thayer School Computing Services Team (Mark Franklin, Jared Benedict, Ben Servoz, Richard Crowley, Matt Dailey, Zack Bennis, Daniel Safford, Jane Reynolds, David Townsend)
  • Passion & Commitment: Ann Lavanway, Research Support Specialist, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Leadership: John Tansey, Executive Director, The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Brandea Turner, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives, Hopkins Center for the Arts

 2019 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2019 award recipients (view the award ceremony video):

  • Unsung Hero: Daryl Laware, Registrar, Thayer School of Engineering
  • Collaboration: Will Cowen, Academic Applications Developer, ITC
  • Innovation: Amanda Childress, Associate Director, The Student Wellness Center
  • Passion & Commitment: Lisa Meehan, Program Administrator, African and African American Studies
  • Leadership: Phil Charbonneau, Senior Work Process Administrator, Work Control Center, Campus Services

2018 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2018 award recipients.  

  • Unsung Hero: Kristin Miller, Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society
  • Collaboration: Jennifer Bilbo and Jason Merwin, Department of Theater
  • Leadership: Tracy Dustin-Eichler, Center for Social Impact
  • Passion & Commitment: Joanne Needham, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy
  • Innovation: DELTA Summit Planning Team: Colleen Goodhue (DCAL), Elli Goudzwaard (DCAL), Adam Nemeroff (Learning Design Team, ITC), Mike Goudzwaard (Learning Design Team, ITC), Elaine Livingston (DCAL), Ashley Doolittle (Center for Social Impact), Tracy Dustin-Eichler (Center for Social Impact), Renata Baptista (Office of the Dean of the College), Susan Simon (Jones Media Center, Library), Casey Aldrich (Dickey Center), Tracie Williams (Outdoor Programs)
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