NetID & Hinman Box

NetID and Password

NetID Lookup

Every employee must set their initial password to access most Dartmouth systems, including e-mail and every system on this page. To claim your NetID , first look up your NetID, then follow the prompts on this page:

To reset your password, Be sure to review this information from ITC to understand the effects of changing you password.

If you have difficulties accessing the website, contact your department's IT Support Office.

Hinman Mailbox

There are two different places in which an employee's Hinman Mailbox (HB) number is recorded.

One employee HB address must be updated by the employees themselves, and one employee HB must be updated by the Finance Center.  The HB address most frequently used to generate labels on campus is the address that must be updated by the Finance Center.

The two HB locations and how to update them are noted below. You'll see that #2is something that is probably best handled by one central person in situations when an entire department changes its physical location.

Locations and steps to changing your Hinman Mailbox information:

  1. Employee Self-Service: Log in to Employee Self-Service to update your Personal Information, including your Hinman Box and your Payroll Mailing Address (the mailing address to which you want your paycheck to be sent).
  2. Office Location: If an entire department has moved, the department should gather a full list of employees who have moved, including these details:Employee's full name
    New physical office location (Building Name and Room/Suite Number)
    Hinman Box Number for mail delivery

Send the compiled list to the Finance Center. The finance center will then enter the new HBs and assignment Office Locations in the HR/Payroll System.

Note: this HB address is the one that is typically used when departments request a 'campus mailing list'.

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