Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Service Award

The annual Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Service Award was established by Jim and Susan Wright in 2008 to recognize a Dartmouth College staff member who has made a difference to the College and to his or her colleagues; demonstrates a commitment to the highest work ethic and exemplary work performance; is both selfless and unwavering in dedication to the institution; and is relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Guidelines for Nominations

Supervisors and co-workers, as well as staff from other departments, faculty, and students, are welcome to nominate employees for the award.  The honoree will be announced and acknowledged at the annual Lone Pine Excellence Award Ceremony.  Winners will receive a monetary award as well as a Simon Pearce bowl.

Nominee Qualifications

  • Demonstrated commitment and contribution to the mission and core values of the College;
  • Consistent and excellent job performance;
  • Initiative, innovation, and leadership in the workplace; and
  • Effective and responsible use of time, money, technology, personnel, and other resources for the benefit of the College.

General Recommendations When Considering a Nomination

  • Assume that the selection committee isn't familiar with this person and their role at Dartmouth. Provide context that will illustrate the effect of your nominee's efforts and accomplishments.
  • Consider including perspectives of the nominee that are both internal to the department/working group and external to the department/working group.
  • If appropriate, highlight institutional or cross-department efforts and interactions.
Required Information

Please tell us how the nominee consistently demonstrates exceptional qualities in the course of their work. Please focus on specific examples that demonstrate the nominee’s commitment and unique contributions to the experience of faculty, students, and staff.

Previous Award Recipients

Learn more about our previous award recipients and their contributions to Dartmouth College.
2009 - Kathy Hart (Hood Museum of Art)
2010 - Ann Lavanway (Biological Sciences)
2011 - C. Robert Lester (Dartmouth Dining Services)
2012 - Gail Vernazza (History Department)
2013 - Keely Ayres (Hopkins Center for the Arts)
2014 - Linda Martin (The Geisel School)
2015 - Sadhana Hall (The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy)
2016 - Kim Wind (Environmental Studies Program)
2017 - Marcia Calloway (Office of Visa and Immigration Services)
2018 - Jonathan Crossett (Information, Technology, and Consulting)
2019 - Amy Hunt (Student Affairs Systems and Technology)
2020 - Terry Impey (Operations Manager, Real Estate Office)
2021 - Richard Whitmore (Deputy Director, Dartmouth College Athletics)

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