About the Program

DartSmart is HR’s campus-wide training series designed to support the success of our supervisors and managers.  DartSmart clarifies the facts and dispels the myths around campus policies and expectations for Dartmouth employees. The program is focused on the best practices to motivate, manage, and retain good teams.

In this interactive five-part series, DartSmart participants will:  

  • Identify solutions to common challenges related to Dartmouth’s policies and procedures
  • Gain tools and approaches to navigating the Dartmouth environment 
  • Learn how to set up good internal systems now so there is no need to put out fires later 
  • Learn who their HR support team is, and who to contact for help
  • Become part of a campus-wide learning community focused on managing and supervising for best results

To complete the DartSmart certificate program for managing staff, you will need to complete the following workshops. There are other professional development opportunities, but these are not part of the certificate program (i.e., Stay Interviews, Unconscious Bias in Performance Evaluations).

  • Module 1 – Performance Management Essentials: Managing and Developing Employees
    Understand the role of a manager/supervisor and learn how this program will provide you with tools to excel in your position and support motivation and high performance within your team. This module will focus on the manager’s role in setting goals, communicating expectations, managing day to day performance, and addressing performance concerns. 

  • Prerequisite to Module 2 – What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know: Laws, Regulations, and Policies
    The online module, What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know: Laws, Regulations, and Policies is required to be viewed prior to attending the Module 2 session. You will receive an invitation to Canvas to view it after registering for Module 2.

  • Module 2 – Dartmouth Supervisory, Management and Resource Training: Policies and Practices           
    Reinforce and expand your knowledge of employment laws, policies, and best practices. Enhance your ability to identify issues regarding time reporting, absence and leave management, and disability accommodations. Explore the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and managers in managing time records, absences and leaves as well as responding to requests for disability accommodations. Learn about your resources for ongoing support.

  • Prerequisites to Module 3 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Foundations Part 1 and Building an Inclusive Culture
    The two online modules, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Foundations Part 1 and Building an Inclusive Culture from the Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity are required to be viewed prior to attending this session. You can view these modules at: Learning and Professional Development | Institutional Diversity & Equity (dartmouth.edu). Each module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. You will log into Canvas with your Net ID and password.

  • Module 3 – Creating an Inclusive Work Environment
    Actively build on your understanding of a supervisor’s role in creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment. In this interactive session, you will engage in case study discussions with peers and examine your awareness of behaviors and actions that may negatively impact your credibility as a leader and impact your employees’ experiences in the workplace.

To view upcoming sessions and register, please visit the DartSmart Course Catalog.


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