About the Program

DartSmart is HR’s campus-wide training series designed to support the success of our supervisors and managers.  DartSmart clarifies the facts and dispels the myths around campus policies and expectations for Dartmouth employees. The program is focused on the best practices to motivate, manage, and retain good teams.

In this interactive four-part series (three in-classroom and one online module), DartSmart participants will:  

  • Identify solutions to common challenges related to Dartmouth’s policies and procedures
  • Gain tools and approaches to navigating the Dartmouth environment 
  • Learn how to set up good internal systems now so there is no need to put out fires later 
  • Learn who their HR support team is, and who to contact for help
  • Become part of a campus-wide learning community focused on managing and supervising for best results

We envision a campus in which all of our employees have the resources, skills, and knowledge they need to do their best work. Supervisors and managers play a critical role in making this happen and we are excited to invest in ongoing learning and development through this initiative.

To view upcoming sessions and register, please visit the DartSmart Course Catalog.

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