Onboarding Toolkit

These onboarding resources offer areas to consider as you are onboarding a new employee. The detailed onboarding materials were designed to be customized for your needs by division, department or position - however you see fit for your ogranization. We encourage the use of all documents as they are all intended to be utilized together, however we understand that each organization functions a bit differently and may need to revise how their onboarding is structured.

Onboarding Resources

Manager Onboarding Checklist

  • Master onboarding document that incorporates the use of the supplemental documents below

New Hire Checklist

  • To be provided to the new hire, attached to the Welcome Letter email
  • Gives new hire tasks they are responsible for both pre and post start date

Welcome Letter Email Template

  • To be sent before first day of work
  • Informs new hires about logistics of first day, and general office procedures

Internal Welcome Email

  • Communication template for internal department announcement of new hire

Onboarding Materials Checklist

  • Materials guide for supervisor to set up office space for new hire

Onboarding and Transition Plan

  • An Onboarding and Transition Plan will provide clarity to new employees and those currently covering the responsibilities within the role
  • This template is a guide for the first week, first 30 days, 30-60 days and 60-180 days

Check-In Questions

  • Managers should ensure they have regular check-in points for new hires to measure progress and assess the individual's role and comfort level in a new organization
  • One-on-one follow up questions for 30, 60, 90 day check-in meetings

Goal Setting Worksheet

  • Prepare and develop effectively written goals that can be recorded on this worksheet

If additional support is needed with these onboarding documents, please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant. 

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